Races & Earthen

Since Earthen were first announced I was a bit skeptical of the idea as a new race since we already have Dark Irons and Dwarves so this would effectively be the third variation. But having seen the beta I think they were added in a fairly distinct way. I like the nods to how Earthen are made out of stone so don’t eat and they don’t work like other races and that being demonstrated with their racial and in general with gossip text from NPCs.

Still, I would have preferred something new and different but I appreciate on some level that this seems like a story choice since the Earthen are a big part of the expansion and could potentially play a bigger part in the Worldsoul Trilogy with the other Titan related stuff.

Hope for future races
I think the biggest thing about Earthen being added is that not Earthen themselves but it can feel like it might be taking the spot of something else when there has been a lot of things people have been hoping for. I think if I went back in time to the release of WoW and told someone there would be three different dwarf races in twenty years but no playable ogres they’d be shocked.

I think there has been a lot of races that people would love to play and would be a good selling point as an expansion feature that haven’t been done yet. I think we all know the ones, common ones being Ethereals, Naga, Ogres and Arrakoa.

Earthen Classes

The Earthen do not have some classes that are playable that I feel like they should be. One being druids which in Khaz Algar there are npcs that strike very much nature themed. I think a stony race being a druid could be interesting, and it is not far fetched as we already had the stone bear from the Legion artifact forms.

Then the death knight class which was originally previewed but later removed. I think Earthen death knights could just share the same starting zone as the other allied races as long as the reason is given. For example, Worgen death knights were explained in-game as worgen from Pyrewood village who escaped Arugal and Goblin death knights were from the Steamwheedle Cartel. With that in mind, there could be an explanation to play not as an Algari Earthen death knight but an Earthen that came from Northrend. If them not having flesh is an issue then an explanation of Saronite ore lending necrotic strength to their stone forms could work as well.