Race Specific Gear - More?

If possible, I would really like to see more race specific gear for Dwarfs, Elves, Orcs, etc…

  • For Example: Dwarfs with full body armor like the Dwarfs from the Warcraft movie, Gimli from Lord of the Rings, or Warhammer Dwarfs (Iron Breakers, Longbeards, etc…). Lots of long chain mail, and bulky plate armor mixed together.

The Dwarf heritage armor is a good start, but I would like to see a little more diversity than just the one set; OH, and also more Dwarf, and Blood Elf weapons / Shields (bigger circle shields for Dwarfs, and bigger / taller shields for Blood Elves, please :slight_smile:).


Yeeeeeeessss. Especially with the cloth-wearing dwarves. We don’t have anything that reflects our dwarvish culture like the iconic Mountaineer and Rifleman dwarven sets. (The closest we could get was, maybe, the robes that the Alterac Valley Emissaries wore back in the weekly battleground days, but the NPCs and robes are no longer available in-game.) To date, all of Queen Moira’s appearances have been recycled from robes already available in-game. Nothing she’s worn reflects her Ironforge royalty. (Compare to the unique graphics for King Anduin, King Greymane, King Mechatorque, etc, for example.)

I do like the direction they’ve been going with warfronts. I’d absolutely be in favor of a dwarven warfront vs whoever (taurens?) if it meant I could finally get a dwarven themed robe. (Been patiently playing a dwarf priest for 15 years. Gonna bang on this particular drum a little more now! =p)

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Hehe, heck ya Beli! :smile:

Some more caster weapons too that are race specific; OH, and some rune-magic spells, etc… for Dwarf casters :smiley:.

For a Dwarf War front, we “might” be up against the Forsaken (undead), Trolls, or Orcs again. They are still pretty close to use in the north, and north east (Twilight Highlands).

ABSOLUTELY!!! I like to have my character look like an elf but there is so little armor out there that allows me to do that and that Darkshore leather set is just terrible.

It is probably a little easier for me than other classes though because there are some nice nature based druid sets in the game and druidism is heavily tied to the Night Elves, but what about my NE priest beyobd the Darkshore set and my hunter could really only utilize the purple set from Nighthold and its pvp version and the Darkshore set. There just isn’t enough, and frankly I’m sick of all the nature stuff with my druid too.

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I cry as even the night elf themed plate set looks super bad on night elfs, it doesn’t even support the tabard.

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