Race + Shadow question

While my horde priest was an easy choice my alliance has been tough. I tried Ve but I’m not a fan of the model. So I’m thinking Dark Iron Dwarf, Night elf or Draenei. Looking for input on pros or cons about these races for shadow priest thank you.

night elf for pvp. mechagnome for pve

Umm it between ne,Draenei and dark iron dwarf I can’t play a dwarf

NE, racials are good, good animations, and xmogs look good too

I love Draenei, you get the holy wielder of light vibe, or the being the antithesis by being a shadow, but the gear looks off on the male model for the most part. I can’t speak for female draenei, but id imagine they look a lot better. The heal racial isn’t that handy as a priest.

Conversely, you have the dark iron dwarf, where some gear sets may look ‘squashed’ on such a small model, however the racial is good for dispelling whatever debuff’s you may have.

Night elves have shadowmeld for pvp, and if you time it right, pve too. They look pretty good in most gear made for priest, though some robes get distorted by them being too tall. Females are not as tall so this may not be as noticeable on them.

Keep in mind racials are quite niche, and ultimately for the dps increasing racials, they will only provide 1-2% increase in damage and you can more or less forget them.

So, wrapping up, I would choose the one you like the look of the most, because racials very rarely impact you for as much as you’d think, but you do have to spend 100% of your time looking at your character, so I think it is far more important to be happy with that.


For PvP, void elf racial is incredibly useful as priest considering the absolute lack of mobility priest has. You get sat on all game long, and you have spell pushback immunity on top.

Void elf racial in PvE has its uses too. In Sanctum you can dodge the eyebeam by timing it well, you can dodge the iron balls, if you get rooted in Halls of Atonement and a lethal aoe gets dropped on you, you can dodge that as well with the void elf racial. It’s more useful than you think. It also helps you skip the stealth part of Mechagon Workshop trivially, it allows you to deal with the traps in the final boss of Junkyard as well.

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For PVP dark iron, dwarf and VE are all top notch choices

Human is the best though.

Lightforged Draenei.
Light’s judgment is on a short CD, hits decently hard and is off the GCD

Human and orc effectively nerfed in DF.

Undead wil be most popular horde and alliance has a good mix.

How are they being nerfed?

New pvp bonus for having double trinket is a 15% reduction to all incoming cc, non stacking with other effects.

So orc only get 5% less duration on stuns than everyone else, and humans the stun break is less useful.

Humans will still be good, it’s less of a nerf to them than orc

Yeah that makes human meta again

The nerf to human is mainly because the relentless trinket has been removed and its built into the pvp trinket bonus.

With that option gone the benefit of the 2nd trinket is reduced and youll most likely see them use adaptation or double DPS trinkets.

While itll probably be meta for certain class/specs its not as mandatory now.

Other races will be preferred for certain class/specs like undead.