Race/Class Combos you want to play but don't have time for

(Snikrot) #1

I have so many.

Goblin Rogue - I just love the silhouette and I think Rogue masks are the only headgear that work on Gobbos other than goggles.

Nightborne Hunter and Mage - I already have a lot of Hunters and Mages are a pain but I like the fantasy of these combos

Dark Iron Shaman - My current Dark Iron is a Rogue (again, always loved the silhouette of a Dwarf Rogue) but would love a plate wearing dorf with board and sword shooting fireballs.

Mag’har Surv Hunter - With Hellscream’s Axe and a wolf? Too many hunters right now though (Zandalari will be Surv Hunter)

(Lucifuge) #2

Ideally I would adore a Goblin of every class, though I confess I am still lacking both a Rogue and a Warrior. Perhaps during the downtime of the next expansion I will work on that sensual goal.

I would also delight in a Gnomish Hunter, though I often feel like I already have the Mechanical Sniper part done because of my Goblin. She is a high priority on my list though, especially if Mecha/Junker Gnomes do indeed become a thing.

Oh. I might get around to leveling my Ren’dorei Priest some day. Perhaps.



You’re the poster child for the “enjoys the forums more than the game” meme, Lucifuge.

On topic: pandaren monk. In fact, pandaren should only be monks.


Light forged pally
Void elf warrior
Draenei shadow priest
Draenei deathknight
Night elf deathknight
Maghar warrior
Zandalari warrior
Void elf hunter
Pandaren warrior


I love any class that wears a shield when its a dwarf. I feel the same about tauren too but I don’t play alliance and tauren are meh.