Race Change Bugged Out Tonight

During the connection issues that were happening tonight, I put in for a race change. It got stuck on processing my order. I clicked off the purchase after a while. It showed the icon that it was in process. That icon disappeared soon after. After server stability returned, I went to go make the payment again.

This time it came up with a message that says " The character already has a pending service. Please wait until that is complete to try again."

The charge doesn’t show up on my credit card or on my Blizzard Account. With it being nearly impossible to get in touch with Blizzard support right now, what is my recourse?

Update: The race change is now showing as a pending transaction on the website. Nothing is showing on the character selection screen.

If it is saying pending, that means the charge still hasn’t gone through completely (you might see the charge on your card or bank account, it is pending and not complete yet though), with all the server issues right now I’m going to guess that everything is going slower than normal. I would give it a bit more time and check it out again in the morning or later on in the day.

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