Quitters in M+ pug groups


I run M+ with guildies and pug groups and get frustrated when players quit before the run’s finished. Just today it’s happened in groups I’ve joined three times. I’d like Blizz to consider giving such players a penalty when they leave a group (either by bailing outright or going ‘offline’). If a player goes offline and returns within two minutes, they wouldn’t get the penalty. Maybe it could be points off their IO score (oh the pain)?

(Katryona) #2

Blizzard doesn’t control io…you do realize that? It’s based off of Blizzard’s API, but they have no direct control over it.

Also, M+ isn’t intended for pugs, you do so at your own risk. Be more picky about your groups.

(Zérgling) #3

I don’t know if you are talking about trolls or just people leaving if a key isn’t going well.

Here is my perceptive, I am a 1650 io player. So loot from chest at the end if a run has a very very low chance of being a upgrade. I am in the run for IO and that’s it. I joined a siege 15 last night because it’s the last one I need for keystone master. Up to the 2nd boss went fine. But we wiped 3 times on the 3 pulls before the 3rd boss. So I just hearthed out.

I need that dungeon timed, so if it becomes very apparent that this will not happen. I am not going to further waste my time.