Quick question of Horde to Alliance?

I currently have a classic Horde character on Whitemane, one of the currently locked realms. If I delete my Horde druid can I reroll real quick to an alliance character and start over? Or will it not allow me to create a new character?

Pretty sure if you delete that character you’ll be locked off the server. I believe someone posted a similar story on the forums a few months ago.

You know what, I’ll just put in a ticket…

no if you delete the toon its like youve never had a toon

Pretty sure that they made a change such that if you delete that toon, you may restore it, but not create an Alliance character, so there’s no reason to do this anyway.

I’ll see if I can find the blue post.


Found the blue post:

oh you can do that you just cant delete your alliance and go horde least when i tried

Right, but you can undelete your character, and still play on that realm, which wasn’t the case until that hotfix.

And is different from:

Because, if you do not already have a toon on a locked server, you cannot create one.

And since it’s a pvp server i can’t make a character of the other faction… nice… They seriously couldn’t make an option to just force you to delete the horde/alliance character if you decide to reroll the other faction??? I don’t even make a ton of alts I just want to switch faction but the service to do THAT is only on retail. So I figure i’m creating a net zero change by deleting one char to just make one other.

Yeah, I was actually leveling a toon on either side when they locked them, but wasn’t high enough level on the Alliance side to have that toon survive the period between when the locks started and the hotfix went in.

Yeah, you could do that, just not on a locked server atm. :frowning: