Quick question: Did we get in the books or in game where Arthas body was buried?

Oh please, Blizzard did the same thing to the Titans and said their souls were gone in Chronicles only to backtrack in Legion. If Blizzard ever decides that Arthas would be needed/“cool” for whatever story they have they will bring him back.

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No, they don’t as there is literally nothing to bring back

Which again is the same thing with the Titans, they were all gone, poof, nothing to bring back and yet we have Legion just ignoring it all. The moment Blizzard decides they want Arthas back, he will be back.

Heck, a half competent writer could easily make some excuse as well, saying something like “Sylvanas was wrong” or “there actually other parts of Arthas’ soul that is in the Maw” or “that Mathias Lehner aka Arthas “good” side is still in Azeroth”.

No that was not shards of his soul, that was an Old God induced nightmare. The child was a metaphor for the innocent part of himself vying for power over the Lich King and Ner’Zul. Showing there was still some good in Arthas up until WoLK, when he symbolically killed the boy, thus symbolically killing the last part of himself in the LK.

Blizzard already decided they’re done with him.

Cope it already

And Blizzard said that same line after Wrath. You cope.

Blizzard says a lot of things and changes their mind constantly.

I don’t want to see Arthas again but you know full well that the instant one of the writers does they’ll just do it without caring what happened before. Like Zerde said, the titans were all inexplicably fine and dandy in Legion despite being dead before that.

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True, but wanting old characters back is the reason we keep getting crappy storylines. And than these same people will complain that said character doesn’t fit their old portrayals

In truth I really don’t want him to come back and as stated there is nothing to make him come back, they literally will have to crate new lore to make it possible.

However I am concern just as Gul’dan use the bodies of fallen knights’ to replace the slaughtered Warlock clans and creating the first generations of Death knights…

If Arthas body was not burn or buried with the proper wards… heck even have the Covenants, the Ebon Blade help with that! His body could be use by anyone, the Lich Kings Body is a Living battery or Conduit of Death Energy… even if they chop it up in pieces! Remember Gul’dan Skull, Sargeras numerous artifacts… you get the idea?

Worst case scenario to the story (as I think a lot of players would be very unhappy), just as Argus had a Soul and took possession of that mechanical Arbiter Substitute body… Jailer could escape his unmaking and enter Arthas Body… though weaken the power over death and domination magic he would wield would be immense…

Its like High fantasy 101 with undead stuff, hard to kill and give them permanent death, I know I know its impossible for the Story Dev Team to wrap up all stories neat and and clean… I understand. I just hope IF they have something plan its either for full closure… or… bring it back, :sweat: it doesn’t cheapen or further damages the story of WoW.

Anyway, its safe to asume we won’t be visiting much of the Daeth Realm in this expansion unless, we get a Death/Decay/Spirit Aspect… you know what forget I said anything! :sweat_smile:

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Arthas was too toxic to Sylvanas’s story. No, it’ll never happen. They’re not going to give Arthas a redemption arc, not after making him into an abuser allegory.


And yet someone who caused genocide gets a shot at it? At this point I am going with never say never.

Like it or not Blizzard cant seems to let go of the Lich King to the point he is now even being used to revitalize Hearthstone.

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I mean, yes? Because she’s Sylvanas. Like they obviously valued her and her story more than Arthas’s.

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These groups of writers did. The funny thing about Warcraft is due to its very longevity, it has a tendency of getting new writers sooner or later.

Most likely it was either buried in secret or burned to keep the Cult of the Dammed from reanimating it.

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The Novel outright mentions Frostmourne singing from claiming the last fragment of Arthas’s Soul.

It outright calls the Child a fragment of his Soul!

“There was only Arthas, Frostmourne all but singing from having claimed the final piece of Arthas’s soul, and the orc, whose skull-face was split with triumphant laughter.”