Quick question about leveling

I just wanted to know while casually playing through the game, about how long would it take to hit max level with this 100% exp boost and without it.

I leveled a character from 20-90 pretty much on the first day of the 100% xp bonus (~3-4 levels per dungeon until level 50-60 then 2 levels per dungeon until ~75). However, I did the dungeon quests, had heirlooms and the monk exp bonus. I stopped leveling (bc I hate leveling) but I would have guessed maybe 3-4 days to 120 (assuming I played 6 hours a day).

With just the bonus I would have said maybe 7-8 days, and without the other bonuses I have maybe 10 days. If you play 3 hours a day, without any bonus xp I would say 2-3 weeks and this could be lower if you level by questing.

I assume the 100% exp boost should cut leveling time In half. How fast you level depends on alot of factors. if you tank or heal, you can spam dungeons non stop 15-90 with almost no queues. 90-100 is much faster questing in WOD. Legion 100-110 the fastest is zone assaults. My DK is 106, and i got 3 levels from each zone assault that took like 20 minutes each. Heirlooms give you another 50% exp bonus.

The fastest 110-120 is timewalking dungeons, which happen for about 1 week per month. Timwalking starts on 4/7 for a week.

If your dps, queue for dungeons and quest while waiting. If you use the Azeroth Autopilot addon (and don’t care about reading quests), you will quest much faster. it puts a green dotted line on the mini map showing you were to go at all times with the most efficient path, and automatically turns in and picks up all quests with one click. I also use the faster loot addon for all my characters…speeds up the looting animation.

Lastly, since your new and currently in Ret spec I’ll mention this. If you never want to tank or heal, Paladin is not a good choice because your stuck with only one DPS spec. The more specs you play on a character the more variety, the more nerf protection, and the less chance of long term boredom.

This paladin is just an older character, im currently a f2p player and have a solid amount of level 20’s just to test out what I like and what I dont, now that I generally know what I like to play I asked this question to know if I should buy the current expansions to know if I can get to current endgame content in a decent amount of time.

Yes, you’ll get to current end game content twice as fast as you could have done any other time since BFA launched in 2018. if you buy BFA, it comes with a free level 110 boost. you can also make as many level 110 trial characters as you like to try them. They start you with a tutorial, a training dummy, and a 15 min battle scenario. Test them with the icy veins class guide rotation and talents.

There are advantages to boosting a 110 first. you’ll have the gold to buy heirlooms so your low chars get a 45% exp increase. The heirlooms scale to your level so they are always good stat wise. you can also send them deep sea bags which have 30 slots and cost only like 90-100 gold on the AH.

Do I get any character boosts if I get the Complete Collection?

Complete edition comes with both a 110 and 120 boost.

Individual boosts purchased separately cost $60 each so the expansions are a good value with free boosts. Also, most players are in BFA so the zones are packed at least on my server. There are always plenty of randoms around helping to kill mobs/bosses in world quests.