Quick-ish MM Wishlist in Multiple Levels (in ascending order of developer work)

Level 1: Quick and Easy

This is far from a comprehensive fix-up, instead focusing on what can be done quickly and easily.

  1. Horn of the Hunt added at level 48, granting baseline access to Lust/Hero/Warp. Primal Rage now instead grants the party 30% Speed and 15% Leech, fading linearly over 12 seconds. Cooldown to be decided.

  1. Hunters now retain the passive and access to the active utility skill of whatever pet they summoned most recently. Lone Wolf is now baseline for MM and only increases auto-attack damage by 150%. The damage of all skills used by MM have been increased by ~10%, rounded to the nearest 10% multiplier of Attack Power, with reductions to talents buffing them among other trees as to maintain for them the same resultant damage.
    • Hunter’s Knowledge has been moved to the position formerly occupied by Lone Wolf.

  1. Deathblow now grants an additional temporary charge of Kill Shot, rather than merely resetting Kill Shot’s cooldown. Kill Shot’s cooldown has been increased to 12 seconds, but that cooldown now scales with Haste.

  1. Volley now grants a full 20s duration of Trick Shots initially (much like Multi-shot) and automatically and instantly refunds Trick Shots whenever it is consumed while Volley is active.

    This should effectively ensure at least one use of Trick Shots and reduce the chance of Trick Shots falling off 0.01 seconds before Aimed Shot finishes casting, etc. To practiced players with sufficient Haste this at most saves one Multi-shot per Trueshot, but for others this makes things less seemingly finicky.

Level 2: Slightly More Thorough

Same as above, but also…

  1. Instead of making Lone Wolf a hidden passive given to MM Hunters…
    The damage of all Hunter abilities has been increased by ~11.1%, but one now sacrifices 10% of their Attack Power to maintain their Spirit Bond with their pet. Said Spirit Bond causes excess healing done to you to instead heal your pet and excess healing your pet does to self to instead heal you. Pet auto-attacks have been removed and their damage siphoned towards their basic abilities (Bite, Claw, etc.), which now also include a spammable AoE (Thrash, Crush, etc). Beast Mastery AoE adjusted slightly accordingly.

    This fixes Leech and allows pets to do an equal portion of damage in both ST and AoE situations, increasing ease of their balancing and intuitiveness of Lone Wolf effects — in this case, by just not summoning the pet. No, Mend Pet and Exhilaration’s pet heal do not overflow to heal you.

  1. Instead of just having the Hunter copy the most recently summoned pet…
    You may now choose a specialization among Ferocity, Tenacity, and Cunning for each of your pets, via new tabs for each pet… and for yourself (to be used when no pet is active).

    This reduces awkwardness of having to summon a pet just to de-summon it and the likelihood of something causing you to lose your passive and active on relog, etc.

  1. Cobra Shot is now baseline, replacing Arcane Shot (which has been removed from the game), but it no longer reduces the cooldown of Kill Shot baseline. Cobra Shot VFX adjusted. Beast Mastery now instead begins with the Cobra Senses talent, the effect of which has been doubled (reducing the CD of Kill Command by 2s per Cobra Shot), and
    Crack Shot reduces Focus costs by only 10. Multi-shot also now also does 30% more damage baseline, while Bulletstorm’s bonus has been reduced from 7% per stack to 5% per stack in compensation (which is still a net buff of 14.7% to the talent’s efficacy).

    This gets MM’s base instant spammable damage beyond the level of a mere tickle.

  1. Now that Arcane Shot’s 78.4% AP has been replaced with Cobra Shot’s 146.3% AP, Precise Shot’s effect has been reduced to a single node with a bonus of just 30% damage.

    Precise Shots was previously worth about 58.8% rAP (relative/true Attack Power) per Arcane Shot or 29.4% rAP per point per Arcane. It is now worth 30.7% rAP per point.

    This continues the trend of allowing MM a higher damage floor for when particularly unlucky or unable to cast Aimed Shot without affecting its damage ceiling.

  1. Trick Shots now triggers from any ranged attack that strikes 3 or more enemies.

    Yep, Hydra Bite Serpent Stings, Explosive Shot’s detonation, Wailing Shot, Barrage, etc., can now all trigger Trick Shots.

  1. Bombardment reworked slightly:
    “Your attacks which strike multiple targets but fail to trigger Trick Shots now generate a stack of Bombardment for each target struck. Kill Shot always generates 3 stacks. Stacks up to 5 times. When there are multiple enemies in range, Aimed Shot and Rapid Fire will consume 3 stacks at a time in order to benefit from Trick Shots.”

    Old version was bad; new version is meh. Why not both at once in an improved form?

Level 3: Pretty Involved

  1. Instead of just allowing Hunters to pick their package deal (Ferocity, Tenacity, or Cunning)…
    Beast Training has been returned, but as a 4x4 grid of choices. The first row includes choices of passives, the second of short, species-specific CDs (Mortal Wounds, Snare, etc.), the third utility CDs (including the revised Primal Rage, etc.), and the fourth a choice of defensive or sustain CD. You may fill this grid for each of your pets (whom each get a separate tab) and may select any of these tabs to emulate for yourself (to be used when no pet is out).

    I.e., while no pet is active, if the pet you picked to emulate had talented for a skill that granted Mortal Wounds, you instead get Hemotoxin, causing your next attack to also apply a 25% reduction to healing taken for 10 seconds (oGCD, 10s CD, begins cooling on buff consumption), etc. While no pet is active, Growl is replaced by Distracting Shot.

  1. Lock and Load chance increased to 10%, and it now instead refunds the cost of Aimed Shot over 3 seconds.

    It therefore no longer faces anti-synergy with Calling the Shots.

  1. Calling the Shots now reduces the CD of Trueshot by 1 second per 15 Focus, down from 2.5 per 50 (which equates to 1 per 20).

    It’s finally noticeable and no longer works in arbitrary, wonky chunks.

  1. Wind Arrow damage increased by 60%, from 5% to 9% AP each, for a resultant constant 36% extra AP per Aimed Shot —instead of a 7.1% damage increase to Aimed Shot damage, worth 20% to 36% extra AP per Aimed Shot— from Legacy of the Windrunners.

    Breaking this synergy means that the talent doesn’t have to be terrible without Careful Aim, Hunter’s Knowledge, and Focused Aim together or else overpowered when also taking those 6 talent points. I.e., you get actual choice over your talents, rather than merely talent packages.

  1. Wailing Arrow has had its cooldown reduced to 45 seconds, its silence extended to 4 seconds, and in PvE now consumes a charge of Aimed Shot, if available, to fire an Aimed Shot simultaneously.

    More oomph for the shot, less oof for the shooter.

  1. Windrunner’s Barrage now fires off 5 Wind Arrows to each enemy caught by Wailing Arrow and a further 10 Wind Arrows at the primary target.

    This therefore increases Wailing Arrow’s contribution per minute by 33%, and its contribution under Windrunner’s Barrage from 135% pAP (formerly 75% pAP) per use to 90% + 45n % AP, allowing it to scale at least not terribly decently with target count, especially when considering the effects of Windrunner’s Guidance (guaranteeing an Aimed Shot charge and 30 Focus against 3+ targets, and technically instantly maxing out its Trueshot extension at 14+ targets).

    • For point of comparison, Salvo does 638.5 to 3,182.7% magical AP (mAP) per minute, which is, iirc, roughly equivalent to 830.1% to 4137.5% physical AP (pAP) per minute in PvE. As such, Wailing Arrow and Windrunner’s Barrage still will not be competitive with the up to 31% more damage per Aimed Shot ricochet across 7+ targets and the disgusting amount of damage of Salvo, but it at least may have some purpose, especially via Windrunner’s Guidance and in combination with Calling the Shots (which would otherwise have too little time to benefit well from WRG).

  1. Salvo readjusted slightly:
    “2 charges. 30s CD. Costs 20 Focus. Ready explosive ammunition. For each enemy your next ranged attack strikes, consume a charge of Salvo to afflict a victim with Explosive Shot.
    Shares charges with Explosive Shot. If Explosive Shot is taken, gains a third charge and recharges in 10 fewer seconds.”

    As such, you now need only 1 button for all your Explosive Shot needs, be they 1-at-a-time or 2-at-a-time. Yes, this QoL improvement includes a faint AoE nerf to Salvo itself, since it now acts more similarly to Explosive Shot itself (if Explosive Shot could save up to 2 GCDs per use to consume a minute’s worth of charge at a time). Such is plenty deserved. Current Salvo is definitely overtuned.

Will probably add a fourth level sometime soon, to finally deal with the bloat and wonk instead of just patching it over. But this seems long enough for now. /shrug


Hopefully some of this (if not all) gets implemented by the start of season 4 :crossed_fingers:

This is the way. We appreciate you.

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I really really like the Bloodlust idea. Having it tied to a pet is weird


Even if they fix nothing else, I just want them to do this one thing…