Queue times restricting play, creating even more problems

Yeah queues have been really awful for launch.

Pre patch I’d get like maybe a 30-45 minute queue at noon and 3-4 hours max during high activity hours.

Now it’s become a choice of do I want to wake up at 7-8 am to play a video game like a job, or sleep in and wait 4 hours at noon.

Benediction of course

of course they are. we all know that.

do you know that blizzard asks for feedback to be posted on the forums?


You make good points, but you’re about 4 days late to the party, there are dozens if not hundreds of posts about this since launch.

Blizzard doesn’t care. They say it’s a player created issue and they want you to just quit or stop playing with your guild and transfer.

OFC, my point is Blizz should re-evaluate how they handle their queue system.

They are smart and have millions at their disposal. I’m sure they can spend a little time figuring out a fix for this issue.

A couple options… allow gamers to play other games while waiting for their queue, and consider a way to ease the queue system so people are less inclined to afk idle on servers to retain their log-in status.

oh, and cross realm play… this really needs to get added! This is the prime issue - I paid a couple hundred dollars to transfer toons off fairbanks when it died on alliance w/the launch of TBC because i figured a mmorpg should be played with others, not just myself. Silly concept.

I won’t transfer off Benediction because i dont want to be caught on another Fairbanks server needing to pay another couple hundred to Blizz to be able to play with others once again.

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And no crossplay, this isn’t retail


The intelligent blizzard has long since passed.

Their short-sightedness about this problem, their blaming the paying customers for a problem they created by letting servers die, the “There is no technical solution” excuse for a problem they themselves solved literally a decade ago…

Alienating their playerbase, inability to innovate, and seeing this is a long term profitable endeavor… Smart isn’t a thing associated with a once forward thinking company that believed loyalty to be a long term profit gain


Ah, stopped reading there.

You wanted a mega server? Enjoy your queues.


They are Lying or Lazy or Terrible Engineers. That post is an embarrassment to anyone who works or have ever worked at a large technology that has had to scale

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Better than I could have said it

Whether they are lying or telling the truth doesn’t change the situation. You have been given options. You may not like them, but those are what we have. Should they have done more in the past to prevent this? Sure. But we don’t have a time machine and we are stuck with this situation for the time being.

You and the 20k other people who abandoned good enough servers to go create that monstrosity did it all to yourselves.

FWIW I have guildies who came from Fairbanks, and I am a dead server refugee myself.
But there are plenty of good servers to play on. Bene WAS NOT the only answer.
Should have thought for yourself instead of following the herd.

People actually think its acceptable that if you don’t log in before 12 pm or use remote desktop you can’t play for the day. Little wonder Blizz does nothing with all the deluded fanboys defending their every move.

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Ok whoever you are. I’ll take your word over the guy that literally runs the game and knows the ins and outs of how this 20 year old software platform works. If you think they are lying why would you give them your money? Just quit.

I log in daily anytime I want on my full server…we are only 3-4 times the size of a full 2008 server though…I also jumped to Eranikus from Mankrik as soon as allowed w friends horde side to avoid any issues there. I like to play, not queue.

The real homerjay??

Good for you? The point was that if you’re not using a 3rd party program, work odd hours or don’t have good internet you can’t play on these servers. These are not factors related to the game and create an unacceptable situation. But people like u will rationalize it no matter what.

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They’ve given their answer, you don’t like it:

Free transfer
Suffer in queues

Those mega servers will be locked for months bc they are committed to not allowing megas again. I’d take a clue and find a more reasonably populated server. The longer you wait the more the options dry up. Which is why I transferred my horde toons from Mankrik to Eranikus just in case…I like to play.

Player choice issue not a server issue.

No hardware solution, no software solution.
Activision/Blizzard is worth $58+ billion
They are just about owned by Microsoft - the worlds Leading and Largest software company
No hardware solution, no software solution.