Questline to get Night Warrior eyes

I’m trying to get my Night Warrior eyes unlocked for my night elves.

I know I need to start the quest chain “On Whispered Winds” that I get from the owl.

The owl exists, but does not offer the quest.

I saw on another post that I have to do the initial Boralus introduction quest, but I have no idea where to start. It’s not showing up on the “Hero’s Call” board in Stormwind. It’s not offered by anyone in SW Keep. I’ve flipflopped my toons from horde to alli to horde to alli and across tons of servers so many times that I don’t even know who’s on what quest anymore!

It’s patch 9.2, where do I go?

It’s offered by the Guard next to the board.
If you are able to get to Boralus, try picking a zone on the map in the Harbormaster’s Office.


THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I would have been lost forever~

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You will also need to unlock BfA world quests, so you’ll need to pick up your Heart of Azeroth. There’s an Earthen Guardian NPC a bit outside the Inn in Boralus with the quest “A Dying World” which will let you pick it up.

I have been searching forever for what the heck to DO. SO happy I found this.

I cannot find any way to get this quest, still after reading this. I have the heart of azeroth but the intro quest to Boralus still doesnt show up.

I would like to know how to get the eyes on the night elf and the looks for the blood elf too. I looked on the Hero’s Board but it only gives low level quests. Can someone tell me if I have to do those quests to get more advanced ones? They are two in Pandaria and one in Twilight Highlands. Thanks for the help!

For the Night Warrior, you need to do enough BfA content to unlock World quests (by completing “Uniting Kul Tiras” before the questline for the Night Warrior will appear. In order for that quest to be available, you’ll need to complete the following criteria:

  1. Be at least level 50. (At 60, these might show up as low level quests, so make sure to turn on trivial quest tracking.)
  2. Complete the BfA intro. You can get the starter quest from the Herald NPC next to the Hero’s Call board. (I guess because BfA is the “main” leveling content, they didn’t want to risk the starter quest getting buried on the board.)
  3. Pick up your Heart of Azeroth. The Earthen Guardian NPC a bit outside the Inn in boralus will have “A Dying World” to start the short chain.
  4. Have completed enough of the War Campaign to have unlocked the 3 footholds on the “enemy” continent. You should get led into the War Campaign after the intro, but if not, just go to the Alliance ship in the harbor to pick up the quests. (Note: If you’ve already unlocked BfA world quests on another character, you can skip this step.)

For the Dark Ranger customization, you’ll need to do Shadowlands content. For that, you need to be level 60 and have chosen your covenant for the quests to show up. (From Genn or Calia in the Enclave in Oribos.)


Thank you for the help! I got Dark Ranger and Night Warrior all in one night. :smiley:

This exact thing is still happening to me