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Alright well, not sure if any official will see this, this isn’t really a thing for a gm or whatever, its more for the people who manage the community, or are just in the know. But as for the question, we have modern wow and soon we are getting classic, and while i’m certain it hasn’t crossed blizzards minds yet, has there at least been any talk or brainstorming from higher up about eventually adding burning crusade or wrath or both? or will there be a system where we progress through expansions like we used to? i’m not certain if this question was asked and answered yet. hence why i’m asking. if any official willing to answer is not 100% i do not want a yes or know. i know how this works. sometimes people (especially employees) are kept in the dark. which is why a simple “i don’t know” is okay. it means your listening. anyway that’s the question. i ask because while i did enjoy classic. i loved wrath. the raids, story, and pvp were amazing in my opinion. and would really love to see blizzard bring that back.

TL;DR: the OP wants to know if they are bringing TBC and WotLK back.

Answer: It’s been discussed to death already, and it’s really too early for consideration… I would say it really depends on the success of Classic, and how much of the player base get’s pulled from the disaster currently referred to as as ‘retail’.


yeah i guess you are right, before i think about wrath i need to see classic lol. i just really enjoyed icc with 25 ppl. and the the pvp. oh the sweet sweet pvp

I think the main issue for Blizzard is further fracturing the community. Think of it this way… The number of people interesting in playing any version of WoW = X. This includes current retail players + players planning to return for Classic.

So the projected Classic population is X / 4. Now imagine there are Wrath and BC servers. The population projections for each of those versions would be, what, X / 12? And then you subdivide those niche populations even further by PvP, PvE, and RP realms.

The bottom line is this. You can only cut the WoW playerbase pie into so many slices. Do you really want to be the only person playing on a RP-PvP Cata West Coast Spanish language server?

It’s even been asked in the media, and the answer was that there are no plans for that now, but there is nothing ruled out (paraphrasing). Basically, the takeaway from that (IMO) is that they don’t want to commit the time, money and resources to such a project until they see how Classic ultimately performs for them in the long run. And by “in the long run” I mean at least a year after the last content patch has been dropped. Just my opinion though.

I think an argument can be made for BC, but further than that…nope. What is the point of releasing Classic if you are just going to turn it into retail?

By the way, I would prefer that they keep it Classic at 60, and add new content on top once all the Stages have been done.


Not that they actually enforce this any more, but you might want to edit your subject line, especially since you don’t actually identify the subject itself and simply ask for Blizzard to read it and respond.

To the actual topic, while I don’t want Blizzard to actually waste any time thinking about what happens after Classic is a resounding success (there will be plenty of time for that starting at least a year after launch), a stickied Q&A post at the top of this forum with a list of questions they are working on answering, some with answers and some (maybe most) with a “we don’t know yet, but will answer this soon™” or a “we don’t know yet, we probably won’t consider this idea until well after Classic launches and we see how that goes” or even just a “TBD” would put the question on their radar.

Just a list of questions, mostly unanswered, goes a long way to showing us not only that they are listening but also the kinds of questions they deem relevant to their work and what makes the cut of “do we include this question in a blue post?” gives us a ton of information that this silence does not give us.

Tbc and wotlk will never come.

Everything will come – and it will come Soon™! :wink:

i did not know that i appreciate the warning, will change the title, thank you

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This is a bit offtopic but since it’s a thread about questions to the community I have one too:

Did they confirm darker nights for Classic? I hate how bright the night sky is in the current version of WoW.

not sure thats the case, yes blizzard and many private servers are very different, but many private wrath and tbc servers had and have thousands of players on them and most very comparable to kronos and nost, that being alot. now i dont play on them out of fear for being banned, but that doesnt mean im not intrigued, so that info there is valid