Question on new Cinematic? (Spoiler)


Its pretty obvious? 1 its not bad writing and just bc shes “evil” When it comes to the horde retired or not Thrall is the only real threat to her…maybe she knew Anduin wouldnt kill Saurfang…and that at some point someone would turn to Thrall for help

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To basically show how 200% more evil Sylvanas suddenly is by sending two assassins to kill Thrall, something which we’ll never, ever get an explanation on. It was just done to drive the plot forward and makes no sense at all when Sylvanas hasn’t even shown the slightest bit of malice towards him.


I didn’t know Undead ladies were so… THICC!


Good rogues only die from aoe


Honestly the undead was always my favorite race. The way they have fought to survive, even though the world viewed them as abominations was inspiring.

The leader was always morally grey and they said they would keep her that way, however that was a lie. Horde always loses its leaders while the alliance loses few… alliance are always made out to be the good guys and I’m sick of it.

I probably will not be resubscribing anymore because the story is starting to become trash.

Assassinate thrall? Like what for? Strategically it’s bad, morally it’s wrong and it doesn’t advance her goals. Forget this.


Hey! Don’t limit their potential! :smiley:


Could there be a reason that she wanted them to be found? That she wanted the rogues to be detected? With Sylvanas, I wouldn’t put such a thing past her. I don’t have any reason why she would want that, but throwing it out there for those smarter than me to comment.


Not when stealth detection is based on comparative level. And since Saurfang is level Saurfang, his detection range was roughly that of Outland.


Yes! If I could make an undead lady with a butt like that I might convert too! Why all undead ladies have flat butts, Blizzard? Fix plz.


That was a good cinematic, but I wager the assassins were sent by nathanos and not sylvanas.

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Sylvanas is unpopular in-game. Thrall is popular. Sylvanas knew Saurfang would go to Thrall so she tried to preempt the rebellion. But Sylvanas makes Garrosh look like a Pro and sends two Assassins who aren’t up to the task.


In before Sylvannas didn’t send them.


As Nathanos shows, it takes a Valkyrie to restore the booty. Maybe we can get it as a customization option…


Since onset of BFA Saurfang has been followed by Assassin’s and now he tracked two upon Thrall whilst in retirement. Thrall is a threat to her dictatorship.

I’m telling you I believe she is being controlled by N’Zoth. Doppleganger some sorts. That or underlying plans we have no clue yet

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Freeze frame at 2.51. The dead assassin on the ground has bone toes sticking out of the end of her boots and bone fingers sticking out of her glove. Looks like something part way between a regular Forsaken and a Dark Ranger.


I think she intends to use the powers of the old gods to make Anduin surrender to the horde, instead of just going bat crap crazy, Sylvanas could use the old god dagger as a way of killing n’zoth and maybe end the faction war? the horde seems to be at a lose situation right now unless Sylvanas is the hero of the n’zoth combat.


Ok. i dont think she would send them, she has no reason to, it wouldve been for saurfang not thrall. saurfang has lied in the past so i wouldnt be surprised if he said that to thrall in order to be convincing.

As for the people saying “cos shes evil”, shut the fuc up, horde itself and the alliance have done equally horrible things… if stop right there because when the old gods decide to pay a visit, she will be the one who cannot be mind controlled (this was explained in warcraft 3), she aint a garrosh, she is tactical and doesnt respond in emotion, someone who is tactical and snarky should be warchief, shes pretty good at surviving…


“Orcs never lie”

– Garona from warcraft movie

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Same :sob: Thrall come home to Azeroth.

Also, girl Sylvanas, why you gotta be like that? Attacking home boi Thrall like that :triumph:. Woman is asking for a world of hurt. Doubly so if she plans on hurting his family.

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Player character level: 120
Stealth detection range: class dependent, typically 5 yards

Rare spawn level: 122-123
Stealth detection range: varies, typically ±10 yards

Thrall / Boss level: [skull]
Stealth detection range: varies, 30+ yards

Saurfang level: Over 9000!
Stealth detection range: Infinity ∞
Didn’t carry an axe during his visit, because he didn’t want to accidentally cLeAvE what’s left of Outland.