Question on dragonmaw orcs

Are they corrupted by fel or are they not i am very confused

i dont think so they follow deathwing
are you thinking about fel orcs?

Im talking about the dragonmaw orcs i wanted to know what changed them cause i read somewhere they were corrupted

Dragonmaw were part of the demon horde in wc2 as far as I know.
So fel.

After the defeat in wc2 they should have been free from it like all teh other orcs.

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i think they were always that color

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If you’re referring to the Dragonmaw in the Twilight Highlands, they’re not fel orcs or under demonic control or influence.

They were at one time, same as all green orcs.


As the Second War neared its end Chieftain Zuluhed led many of his Dragonmaw back to Draenor, while Nekros and others remained on Azeroth. At some point after the shattering of Draenor into Outland, the Dragonmaw on the planet became Fel Orcs and bent the knee to Illidan.

During the events of BC Zuluhed was killed by adventurers, with Overlord Mor’ghor eventually leading the Fel Orcs to Azeroth where they seized control of the sect on Azeroth until the Horde aligned with the other Dragonmaw to kick them out.

It is currently unknown if there are any current surviving Fel Orcs of the Dragonmaw.


In Cataclysm your first quests with the Dragonmaw are to kill off their leader who is a full on Fel Orc working with Deathwing/Twilight. Crimson red skin and all, apparently he traveled back through the portal after the events of BC to assume command there. You instead install Zaela as a sensible, pragmatic leader to assist you with the campaign against the Wildhammer/Naga/Baddies.

As she’s a sensible, pragmatic Horde character, and on top of that a female WoW character, she later goes batshizz insane and becomes a dungeon boss.

We still have Gorgonna in the ‘cool, sensible Orc ladies’ camp, but frankly given what happens to them I’m happy she got left out of the Legion warrior class hall. Stay forgotten, cool Northrend orc, stay safe.


Forgot a ton of that, bro. Good writeup. This checks out.

Yeah, there was a quest where you kill the existing overlord of the Dragonmaw, that’s how that crazy lady on Galakrond ended up at Siege of Orgrimmar. Dragonmaw were closely allied with Garrosh. Evidently a lot of them ended up chilling in Twilight Highlands, unmolested by the fallout from that civil war despite their effective chieftain siding with Garrosh and dying at SoO.

Your welcome.

Zaela and her forces hid in Grim Batol after the Siege of Orgrimmar. Zaela also felt that the only reason they could hide there for however long they did was because the new Warchief wasn’t an orc. It’s actually unknown if that was just her being an orc supremist or if the Horde forces looking for her didn’t think to check Grim Batol.

Actually those Dragonmaw chilling in the Twilight Hammers are still in the Horde, with the Legion PvP artifact appearance quest " A Royal Audience," showing that their new Chieftain was Gorfax Angerfang.

they and the blackrock need to be conscripted into the horde. The Alliance can get the Scarlet Crusader Lordaeronians.

No thanks. We don’t want them.

No one wants the scarlet crusaders. Except for whitemane

Reorganize their remnants into a cadre of knights of the silver hand. the Scarlets.

no kings. just a round table of knights. tada.

Have the Ebon Blade kill them all and raise them as new Death Knights. Well, might be too late for that once Bolvar’s helm is destroyed. Unless we kill them all and Arthas leads them all out of the Maw and the Shadowlands as a new army to retake Lordaeron.