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The link on ‘Poll: Do you read quest test?’ is working it is the other one with just ‘poll’ that isn’t.

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Question for you.

Do you read the wrath forum?


click the first one not the 2nd amigos

Nope, and I can specifically remember when I stopped.

Killing moths in Blade’s Edge on an undead mage to get some pollen just felt utterly out of context and stupid and it drove me to never read a quest text again.


Pollen is used in several different potions, brews, concoctions within the Royal Apothecary Society; thankfully the moths helped to gather it first. Collecting those ingredients was a valuable asset to the Forsaken. Thank you for your hard work. Although you might not have felt that deed was noticed at the time, I have no doubt it was appreciated. Next time you take a stroll through the Apothecarium, you may just some see the proof yourself.


50% said yes, which means 50% of the population are liars

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Nah I don’t. I probably did when I first started playing but I couldn’t be bothered anymore.

Almost never 99% of the quests are so generic and I really don’t care why farmer jon wants me gather 10 bear butts or why someone wants me to kill some kobolds is pretty self explanatory.

And frankly that’s fine, I don’t play WoW for its compelling single player story. There’s much better games I can go to for that and trying to force it into WoW is one thing I dislike about retail.

The voiceover is kinda cool in that sense.

I was playing some Era for giggles a few weeks back. And I just had all quests play outloud. Was great to listen.

I read them when I first started. Before quest helper and all the add ons became readily available (and before I trusted the sites enough to download them). Now, I can’t be bothered. The story in classic is one that I already know. In retail, I just don’t care because I can faceroll my way.

I’ve another question, do you think ANYONE reads or cares about this “social contract” you’re forcing us to “accept?”


Non-issue. You already agreed to the ToS/COC. Social contract is the same thing but condensed.


i do not play with quest addon so i read to enjoy the dialog and to check what i need to do.

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Quest text reached its peak with the quest to steal pumpkins from the Scarlet Crusade in Tirisfal Glades.

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ouf scarlet npc feel free to be pushed over the beach cliff :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: or player can still die to murloc there at u’re own risk (i did)


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