Question for raid tanks using The Wall

Did using The Wall in raids make a noticeable difference in your uptime and usage of Shield Wall? Do you find yourself using Shield Wall more often? What do you give it on a scale from 1-10? Thanks!

having shield wall available more often alone is a benefit for as needed, even if it’s not always going to be required to prevent wipes on specific phases of a given encounter, if you are depending on the CD reduction from it for that purpose there are likely other issues to look at and which can be resolved whether its personal or coordinating CDs with healers, etc.

don’t overlook the extra 5 rage on our #1 priority ability, or that it synergizes with anger management which reduces avatar as well and not just shield wall, no such thing as useless extra dps right.

the other thing is that if you prefer reprisal, you aren’t going to be getting value out of it a lot of the time when it really matters unless you yolo mobility just to proc it, which is obviously an extremely bad idea to intentionally go out of position and intervene someone unnecessarily and get the raid cleaved, etc. or just take unnecessary damage that even if you are intervening an off tank, if they are already using a defensive you still take the full intervene dmg and they essentially wasted a CD

next, is that unless you’re necro, what else is there as an optoin that’s actually going to do anything other than increase dps with no defensive gain except thunderlord? kind of the same issue as reprisal, sure it will be helpful on trash, but are you going to wipe on trash without reduced CD on demo shout under normal circumstances? hopefully not, and single target boss encounters it’s value is so diminished you’re better off with 5 extra rage on shield slams even if it didn’t reduce shield wall’s CD


Right on, thanks!

Primary reason why I don’t use Reprisal, even in a M+.

I have had a warrior intervene my Lock just to trigger Reprisal which caused a Spear Mob (Mists of Tirna Scithe) to channel the Spear Barrage right in her face.

Very obnoxious and UNNECESSARY. Was a very low key, but still.

I like The Wall for my prot. The extra rage and Wall CD reduction is nothing to scoff at.


I’ve found The Wall much better for raids than Reprisal. The rage gen is much more consistent and predictable than Reprisal. The cooldown reduction is nice, but it’s the extra rage which makes it <chef’s kiss>.

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A lot of bad info here. For reprisal always intervene a melee unless you’re doing it for a mechanic reason. In M+ you charge a lot, especially since we have issues with gathering up mobs (no grip silence, knockback). In raids I always intervene a melee, if they are within 8 yards it won’t even move you. The Wall is really meh and falls behind in both defensive and offensive, esp in rage gen. The only 2 times I use it is to solo soak an obliterate on Guardian and solo tank H Syl.

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