Question for Hunters

So we have had access to guns since vanilla. And when blizzard reworked rogues for legion they gave them a pistol. Now not sure how it works for survial if you get a hand bow.

But what if Blizzard changed survival to ranged but using dual wield pistols? Since they are a thing now thanks to the rogue rework. Or would that be a stupid thing to do since we know Surv will stay melee.

Just thinking of a way to get pistols in the game as an actual weapon. Now that I think about it they could make a gun class. Again just thinking of a way to get pistols in the game

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I think duel-wielding pistols is more of a rogue thing. But I think it’s different enough that if blizz wanted some variety in weapon type for hunter specs that I wouldn’t hate it. And it would make surv ranged again.

Why though? Rogues are about stealth and silent attacking well until they changed combat into outlaw which gave them the pistol. We have access to rifles all of this games life. I would think being a class that has had access to a gun since wow started would make it a hunter possible weapon.

Pistols aren’t really used in hunting, at least I don’t think. I am not a hunter irl, but I usually think of bows, crossbows, and rifles for hunters. Even spears make sense for before there were the ranged weapons. I think of pistols more for cowboys or thieves/pirates aka rogues. But like I said, I wouldn’t object if they had surv duel wield pistols.

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I can see it. Well I have an uncle that hunts with a pistol. Says its more challenging as he has to sneak up and get closer to his target. But yea I can see what your saying.

Oh! Now that you said that, my dad said that my great grandpa used to shoot squirrels and maybe snakes with pistols, so yeah I guess sometimes they are used for smaller game anyway.

My uncle hunts dear with pistols. So yea as I said he said its more challenging than using a rifle and not as quite as bow. He has to get closer to get the deer he wants.

Pistols arent really traditionally thought of as a hunting weapon. Something a shady individual like a rogue would be likely to use. Easier to conceal and be stealthy. Compared to what hunters or rangers would use.

Edit: i didnt read the thread before i posted :slight_smile:

I’d say the class duel pistols would suit most would be Demon Hunter. Giving them a spec built around a mid-range attack, similar to that of the Evoker, which would require the use of their mobility to keep them in attack range. It’d be fun for those wanting to strafe their target then charge in for the kill with eyebeam.
Not sure if it would be overpowered but it’d definitely be fun! :slight_smile:

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So what about the chaos damage? how would they use their demon powers with a gun?

Demon-guns, obviously.

Not really even joking. By now you’ve almost certainly seen the Legion’s ranged weapons (“guns,” “cannons”). They’re essentially chaotic magic / nether energy focuses.


I feel like pistols are a thing a swashbuckling pirate would use, aka Outlaw rogue. A hunter would use a rifle instead of a pistol, so I don’t think pistols make sense for the hunter class let alone dual wielding them.

But if Blizz were to give hunters dual wield pistols, survival spec would be the spec that should get it. Since Survival has medium range (more than melee, less then a caster), pistol range would fit that profile.

That would be more like demon hunter or something like in Diablo.

Someone with pistols is usually not a hunter. Dual Pistols are considered fast shooting gun slingers in west on medium/short range. Again would make more sense to make demon hunter 3th spec

But if they ever make some dual pistol class or spec like Blazer from overwatch, it will be my main for sure. There isn’t a better character than Tracer. Best thing Blizzard have is

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Just give SV a glyph that changes the appearance of thier tiny crossbow into a pistol. Glyph of the Sharpshooter.


I know for serpent sting, you pull a mini crossbow pistol out, like the one from Dire Maul (that you still hold with 2 hands)