Question: Do i need a +19 or a +20 key for a +15 next reset?

The way it shows on patchnotes and did on ptr is not too clear,and my btags can’t really tell for sure.

Whats the key level we want to obtain a 15 next reset?
A clear source and clarification would be appreciated.

  1. Have fun. They changed the wording to include the regular -1 and the -4 they will be adding to that.

My group hasn’t been able to time anything higher than a 17, which we struggle with. Though maybe my infinite stars will give us the boost we need :joy:

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Thing is, going by ptr, it seems like its still a 19, and some of my btags (and even one with 2.7k io) says its unlikely that they will downgrade a 19 into a 14 following reset, or requiere people who wants a 18 to do a 23 in a week where timing a 23 is just not really possible in many cases. So its a bit confusing and the patchnotes don’t really clarify (and honestly had mistakes as well: claiming a nazjatar WB was in this s4 or that keystones will scale to 10% per level,up from 8% (which already happened in s3,making this nonsensical).

Can I borrow your infinite stars? I promise that I’ll return them… eventually.

I got twilight devastation and it suuuuuucks. :neutral_face:

If you want a +15 next week, you will want to do a +19 this week. Happy dungeon-ing this weekend all! :slight_smile:


My in game ticket says to complete a +20. Which one is true?


LOVE YOU FOREVER! ty for confirmation

According to Lythriks (another blue) you need 20. Can we get a clarification?

Thanks for the clarification!

You are awesome,man.

I thought it was the usual -4 decay for patch on top of the normal -1 decay? hmm

Bornakk and Lythriks are now locked in an epic thumb war, the winner will determine whether we need a 19 or 20.

Cheers for Bornakk!


It reduces by 4 levels so do the math!

For whats worth: i checked the S4 preview/patchnotes again and noticed they edited it to remove “an additional”, probably to avoid confusion due to wording. So just a 19 should be safe now.