Question, Did you use Enslave Demon in the last 2 years?

I sometimes feel like why bother giving us this skill, same with undying breathe, I can’t remember the last time I touched the skills…

Do other classes and specs suffer from this?

Don’t think I have ever used Enslave Demon in years with my Warlock.

I know she’s just an alt, but even on Argus I didn’t even bother using the skill.

Some skills are just so seldom used due to being very specific in their utility that you might as well not even have them.

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It’s Unending Breath and yes I have used it many times during leveling or questing for the +20% swim speed.


I remember back in the day you would give your partners in arena unending breath in the hopes a purge would eat that instead of what they were trying to get. I think now purge eats last spell applied so its not really useful anymore.

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I used on some demons in Argus, but majority of demons are immune to it. They should change it to enslave the demon as pet xD


enslave demon in arcway was quite nice, unending breath i used yesterday waiting for a world event to spawn at the bottom of a lake. thats about it tho

Most of the cool demons that you want to control a generally immune to enslave demon. Usually all you can enslave are generic imps and stuff.


what is that??

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Enslave Demon should be turned into Locks “tame beast”. Make it cosmetic only and permanent control of non player demons. Yeah I definitely use the breath enough to be glad to have it though!


I use undying breath every shrine of the storm…

I also use it vs the mobs in the vale that cast drowning…
Next level plays.

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Everyone in this thread should go into my Compilation thread and quote tweet support for the Enslave Demon revamp idea!


I’ve tried but they have made everything that could be useful immune.

Really hoping, fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:t4:, Warlocks are able to get a variety of new Demons, they doing great work with Hunters. Even shadowlands expanding how many to be captured.

I feel like Warlocks have lost strength as we have progressed, from having Doomguards and Infernals as baseline to losing Doomguard completely and Infernal going as a C/D…

When do Warlocks get strength as a summoner?, we’ve defeated titans, old gods and the burning legion and I’m running around with a imp ive had since vanilla.

I’m not even bothered if we get new Demons that just do the same dps, but aesthetically be different, Dreadlord instead of an Imp?, so many Legion Demons that could Tank instead of Void Walker, Void terror instead of Fel hunter, like seriously I could go naming so many.


in Legion I used it all the time but there are no demons to enslave in this expansion :frowning:

I could get behind having enslaved Demons as the same as Hunter pets.

Enslave the ones you want and have it summoned as a companion while adventuring.


I really hope this happens! We just need variety aswell!

I think enslave demon should be a demon of choice to take permanently and demonology allows you to use your primary demon and your enslave demon at the same time.

But the problem is that we have developers that just didnt make the cut for warlocks. They suck and have an awful theory on how demonology and destruction warlocks should be. Other games have great warlock developers just saving.

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YES! I do go out of my way to enslave demons in every expansion, just to see what unique abilities they might have. Also, this is a great tool in dungeons… if there are demons to be enslaved. :slight_smile:

For me enslave demon is a great flavorful ability, and the only shame about it is that there simply isn’t more to do with it.

I want this so badly.

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