Question about sending gold to other realms

does it have an account wide cooldown?
I ask cause I was sending my gold from various alts to my main
and for some reason some character can and others get a message saying i can’t send gold to that realm. (these attempts did not include items just gold)

is it a bug or does it have a cooldown and if so, does anyone know how long the CD is?

You can’t send gold across realms unless the realms are connected


Mailing gold cross-realm isn’t an option. There are ways to transfer gold but they’re going to (mostly) cost you:

-Load up 1 mil on a character and transfer the toon to the target realm, then send the gold from the transferred character to your intended character.

-Load up a guild bank and do a guild transfer. This is much more economical since you can (someone correct me if I’m wrong) transfer 10 mil gold this way to the target realm. Once transferred, you’d then send the gold to your intended character.

-There are various account-bound items (I don’t know the exact names, sorry) that you can buy off a vendor, send cross-realm, and sell back, but you will take a heavy gold loss in the process (at least 50%+ I believe from what I’ve heard). Again, someone correct me if I’m wrong here.

-Finally, you can cage pets and send them cross-realm, then resell them on the target realm’s AH. Much slower way to “transfer gold” but it’s a tool in the kit and you may even come out with more gold in the process.


this was changed in the last patch update, you can sent gold cross realm, and they don’t have to be connected realms.

there just seems to be a cooldown involved.

you can also mail gold & items now cross faction (same realm only) if it’s items.
unless they’re BOA of course.

If you’re referring to gold, I don’t think this is the case and haven’t seen any patch notes or other commentary that confirms this. I receive the usual “You can’t send mail to that realm” or something to that effect when trying as recently as 2 minutes ago.

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There was a lot of discussion at the time, but much of it was by people who were hopeful they could transfer items and gold cross-realm.

Just hopping on this one little thing, barring any discussion of changes in the recent patch.

If the realms are connected, you can mail cross realm. However only if they are connected.

I believe it was updated to allow you to send gold to your x FACTION toons, so horde to alliance and vice versa, but not x realm unless the realms are connected


dunno if this has been mentioned but while you cant physically mail gold cross server. you can do it through means of caging battle pets.

take cageable pets from server A either via buying off AH or looting from raid instances etc. log into new server B or whatever your alt server is. and cage the pet then sell it there on that servers AH.