Question about rogue ability

Question for all my stealth experts.

I’m trying to figure out how the rogue ability MASTER OF DECEPTION works exactly. Does it increase the range at which a player can detect you ( from the front)? Or does it increase the time in which you actually pop up on their screen? ( from the front)


The range at which you will be detected depends on:

  1. Your stealth skill level

  2. Your opponent’s stealth detection level (really the difference between #2 and #1)

  3. The distance between you

  4. Whether or not you are in a 180º arc in front of the other player (increased chance when you are in front of the player vs. behind them)

Your Stealth skill depends on your player level (i.e. 300 skill at level 60, like other skills in the game) but can also be increased by Master of Deception talent and can also be increased by certain gear, +stealth enchant on cloak, and is increased passively by the nelf racial.

Your opponent’s stealth detection skill depends on their player level (also 300 skill points at level 60) and can also be increased by certain pieces of gear (catseye ultra goggles) and consumables (catseye elixir) as well as a felhunter’s paranoia buff or the human racial ability perception.

There is some helpful information about it at shadowpanther dot net (I’d post the link but the forums won’t let me)

So let’s say I’m level 60 with zero points in master of deception, and I’m let’s say 5 feet away from my apponent who is also level 60. The 5 feet distance is just enough for them to detect me. Now if we both continue to stand 5 feet from each other and I right on the spot put 5 points in master of deception, I should disappear from their sight right? And then they would have to move in closer to detect me?