Question about new mythic+ season

Can you jump into any key level at the start of the season, or is there a week or so where you can only do M0?

Once the season actually starts, you can do any key.

I think early-season key restrictions happened a few times in SLs, but it doesn’t look like they have continued using them.

(Edit: Removed incorrect info)

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Not true. You can still do S1 keys the first week of 10.1 and get KSM/KSH since season 1 is still in effect.

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Interesting. There is usually some kind of break between seasons…but I guess we’ll see. I haven’t seen Blizz specifically mention the end of the season yet like they normally do.

Edit: Never mind found it. DF Season 1 officially ends May 2nd and PVE achievements are still available until the 9th.

The season ends for the purpose of cut-offs but there is an overtime for AOTC/CE/KSM/KSH.

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You are correct, they say that in the Blue post I linked.

IIRC what happens is the key the vault gives you is lowered 3-7 levels and there is no restrictions on how high of a key you can try to run.

But the scaling is such that only a few will be able to run them.

If you can do a 20 now, you’ll be able to do a 17 in season 2.

Yea, they generally scale them up around 30%ish iirc