Question about Korrak's Revenge

(Lacryma) #1

( Please refer to the earlier version of my post for my concerns as it deals with a potential exploit. )

(Ekon) #2

This is highly unlikely to happen. They may look at the data surrounding the event and might take action against those that encouraged it, but the greatest action, if any at all, will fall on those who have the ability to exploit it, not those that can’t.

(Melaesia) #3

This is not likely a bug. It could be an oversight that needs be fixed, but it’s not likely a bug.

You are free to report players as much as you want, but it is exceedingly unlikely that anyone will be punished for using their given abilities. If there is anything to change, it will be on Blizzard’s end, such as making those two mobs uncontrollable, or removing the ability from being used in PvP, or something similar.

More to your concern, you are not going to be punished for being on the same team as someone who used their abilities in a PvP setting.

I think you are overreacting quite a bit. It’s two mobs. Many battles where it’s rush Galv/Vann, you don’t even engage these mobs. And no matter who fights them, they are not difficult to defeat.

Your concern is highly unlikely to ever happen. Again, GM’s are not going to be punishing players for using their abilities. The ONLY time this would ever be a possibility is when they have publicized that until they push a hotfix, players are not to do something…and even then, the players would probably need to be given individual warnings before they ever get to the level of account actions.

And again, even if THAT happens, YOU are not going to punished for another player’s actions.

The proper course is to report what’s happening, like you did in the Bug Report Forum. Then, go live your life. :slight_smile:

(Melaesia) #5

Well, yeah. They are elites. You don’t 1v1 them, controlled or not.

Please stop using this language. There is nothing wrong with using your given abilities. It’s not an exploit.

It is quite overreacting. YOU are not going to be punished for joining a random BG alone, and another player using their abilities.

Again, it’s understandable that this could be an oversight and needs to be brought to their attention, which you have. But given that DK’s have been in the game for more than a decade now, this likely isn’t a surprise.

You’ve reported it, so go enjoy the game! Nothing to worry about on your end.

(Lacryma) #6

Hence my belief this is not ‘working as intended’.

Unfortunately that is opinion, which is not quite the same as a fact. The only person who knows the facts of this matter, is Blizzard Entertainment. Thus I have to wait for Blizzard to classify what it is. If they state that it is not exploitative behavior, then the language I use to define the behavior will change at that time. :slight_smile:

You have said this twice, and I will. Thank you for the well-wishes. Nonetheless, I must wait for a Blue response as there are several outlying concerns that as time-permits I would like to get a solid answer to. Have a pleasant night!

(Melaesia) #7

Maybe in the morning, a Blue will answer you. But using your given abilities is not an exploit. I would imagine if you stepped back, you can see how absurd that is.

This character is a DK. I have an ability called Chaos Nova. It is disabled in PvP situations where Blizzard does not want it used. This is how they handle given class abilities that have an unintended effect.

It’s not an exploit to use your abilities. They were given to you. It’s baffling how you can think anything else.

(Rufflebottom) #8

You are not guaranteed a Blue response, especially if the correct information is given.

If you believe something is an exploit you should be filing a Bug Report in-game and not discuss them on a public forum. Giving details on how it’s done allows/encourages others to use the exploit. Reporting the player is only for a GM to look at the activity, not to get QA or the Devs to address it. GMs aren’t liaisons with them.

(Lacryma) #9

The summation of your post appears to be “I would prefer it if you were ‘silent’.” and for the record, it’s very obvious why that is. It also disregards the fact that there is a Forum for Bugs which I avail myself of frequently.

As a matter of fact, I filled out a bug report hours ago on this matter. I reckon that the only reason you responded as you did, is because you like a lot of Alliance players are likely angry now because I’ve essentially spoiled your “fun” by reporting it in all avenues possible.

I don’t rightly care whether you think posting in this forum was the correct course, I did it anyway, and do not need a by your leave; to ask a question of Customer Service. This was strictly about me ensuring that when I’m playing with friends or leveling an Alliance toon, that we don’t get impacted because some DK more concerned about winning than fair-play, decided to exploit something that was very clearly broken.

(Rufflebottom) #10

No. Don’t be silent. Just report it properly. Giving information on how it is done on a public forum just encourages players to do it.

Personal attacks don’t look good on you. Most runs of this I’ve done have been won by the Horde, not Alliance, so your argument doesn’t hold.

Does it give an unfair advantage, yes. Is it actually broken, no.

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(Lacryma) #11

What you define as needing to go to does not seem to fit the bill. It seems more appropriate as a bug than any of those situations. Nonetheless, while it was pretty common knowledge before I made my posts post and bug report, I will amend my posts accordingly.

For future reference to any Blues who read this thread, please refer to my previous versions of my post for information on the situation. Just ensuring that all steps are taken appropriately. I suggest the people in turn who were quoting me amend their posts as well.

(Melaesia) #12

Once again, it is not likely a bug. Death Knights have a Control Undead ability, the mobs are Undead, and the Death Knights can use the ability to control them. Nothing is bugged here.

It is very reasonable to think that the devs do not intend for DK’s to use the mechanic in this way, or that they simply overlooked this ability in conjunction with these mobs. That’s why it’s very reasonable to suggest that they change it. There have been many changes over the years, because of similar situations. I can think of the Paladin ability “Turn Undead”.

But again, that ability was not “bugged”, nor did they punish any paladins for using it constantly in PvP. Trust me, my main in Vanilla was an Undead Warlock. They changed Undead to be considered humanoids for the purpose of that spell, breaking its ability to work on other players.

This is why it’s important to think about it in the correct terms. Telling Blizzard “hey, it’s bugged” means the Bug Report team will look to see if it’s working correctly. It is. What you want is to ask the devs to look at this issue, and see if it can be changed.

I hope that makes it a little clearer for you.


The answer is a bit more complicated. Yes, QA would look to see if something is working as it is intended, but that isn’t strictly all that they would look at. They would also see if what is intended, is intended.

Meaning that if there was a situation a feature or ability causes that may have been overlooked, they would be the ones to start the initial review of it. If they felt something was amiss they’d loop in development to discuss it.

General feedback/suggestions would be for features and functionality that is considered intended after such a review if you felt that you’d like to see it function differently.

Lacryma, I didn’t catch if you submitted a bug report through the in-game interface or not, but I recommend doing that as well.

(Rufflebottom) #14

They posted in Bug Reports.


I knew that, I was referring specifically to the in-game option, where they wouldn’t need to edit the information out if they felt it could be exploited.

(Lacryma) #16

Hey Vrakthris, just got home and saw your replies. In answer to your questions, I have not filed a bug-report through the in-game interface as of yet, but when I get the chance to log into the game tonight I will do so.

On another unrelated topic, it’s always great to hear from you! Thanks for the response, and if I don’t post again in this forum before the new year; I hope you and the others that work here have a great holiday season. Give my love to the boys in Desolace. (-remembers his old school Avatar before the ( W ) -) ^^

(Melaesia) #17

He can probably see better without those flys buzzing around his head. :slight_smile: