Question about Classic Beta


A lot of people in my social circle has brought up a rumor. A conspiracy actually.

Only people who purchased the collector’s edition of BFA got the Beta keys. Apparently we know someone who doesn’t have it but they purchased a lot on the in game shop.

So here is the question. Can someone come forward who is actually in the Beta who doesn’t A- Have collector’s BFA, B- has not spent much of anything on the cash shop, and/or C- hasn’t purchased collector’s a lot in other games.

So far it really does seem like only those who purchase a lot are in the beta.

This is 100% anecdotal and its just my observation within my own social circle. Thought I’d share this conspiracy with everyone else.

Yeah. It would make sense for Blizzard to reward loyal consumers. I get that. I’m cheap AF and try to spend as little money as possible in all video games. Its just how I am. We all have our preference.

So now we’re trying to find the “unicorn”. The Classic Beta tester that has only purchased the base game of WoW and not much of anything else.

(Kypookins) #2

In my experience, none of those are required (though I’m not yet in this beta.)

I’ve been in the beta of every expansion, since the “Pre Vanilla” beta phase 3, 4 and open beta.

I’m not someone who purchases a lot, plus I’ve only purchased the “digital deluxe”/whatever since that was an option (never a “collector’s edition”, box.)

From my experience, simply playing for a long time and being in past betas makes you more likely to get in earlier.

(Zachaios) #3

Never purchased any of the collector’s editions … spent gobs of money for a lot of stuff (xfers, race changes, tokens, etc.) … had account since 2006 … no beta invite. If that helps at all.

(Razaria) #4

Account age seems to be the single most important factor is being chosen for the beta… a great percentage of the people in it report being there in person for vanilla, including me. I have one shop mount, WoD’s digital deluxe, and an ancient WotLK CE.

(Hellasha) #5

They should stick to using foil for cooking rather then a fashion accessory.

(Kholgra) #6

Ji hace almost alll CEs from SC2 WoL to Overwatch.
I have inyected thousands of dollars to my account.
No beta.

So no, your conspiracy is wrong.

(Crowlay) #7


I purchased the standard BfA with Blizzard Bucks last summer. The only thing I’ve bought in the cash shop during BfA is the vulpine mount. Before that I bought a couple of those $10 charity pets like Brightpaw and Mischief. I have never bought a collecter’s edition for WoW.

(Tuskamus) #8

I got in, never bought a single collector’s addition. As others have said, they seem to have heavily prioritized older accounts. We started a guild and we have over 100 people in it. Haven’t found anyone yet that didn’t play during vanilla.

(Catalinamoon) #9

I bought the collectors edition but do not have Beta even the stress test…nothing. Lots of streamers have it though!


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(Kaath) #12

Yep, just got the beta. Haven’t purchased a collectors edition in awhile. But play alot of WoW, played many betas and provided beta feedback. But would not be surprised if someone who purchased the collector edition did the same thing.


For what it’s worth. I’ve been playing since before WoW went live. I’ve bought all the CE’s up to Cataclysm. Haven’t bought anything on the store. Not In classic beta.


NO CEs what-so-ever 1 shop mount, some purchases of xfers/race changes. got into beta on the second night.

account age seems to be the most important factor but the sample size is also small. their aren’t that many people actually in the beta. the servers are no where near capacity