Question: 3.4.3 Heirloom/Mount Changes

With the changes coming to heirlooms and mounts (account wide), I had a question that I can’t seem to answer for myself on the PTR.

Will I have to hunt down my heirlooms to “add” them to my account or will they be automagically added to the heirlooms menu?

I probably have all of the heirlooms and I can’t, for the life of me, find them. They are probably sitting on a level 1 alt somewhere on one of my accounts. idk, I drink heavily when I play this game, I lose things.


They should be added automatically.

You have to log into the character to add them, but thats it.


It should automatically be added to your collections. Just log into the characters who have the heirlooms in their inventory.

I think the answer OP is seeking is what was answered inadvertently.

Yes, OP, you have to find them on whatever character has them in their inventory in order for the system to track/add them to the “collection”.

You’re going to have to login to (literally) every toon individually.

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Blizzard can see if you have ever had heirlooms on your wrath account. So they should be available and account wide without you needing to find them, same with mounts.

That’s not how it works at all. Here’s the direct quote from the part in the patch notes about it.

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When you login on a toon w/o looms - there will be NO looms in the tab.
When you login onto your rogue with leather looms - all those will be added.
When you login onto your warrior with plate looms - then those will be added.

So yeah, you will need to “hunt down” them. But all you need to do is log onto all your toons 1 time.

Tested it myself on PTR. And see the BP above.

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Question about this - what about the hierlooms with enchants on them, how will that be handled?

Will the enchants also be cloned (i.e. available on the hierlooms from the collections tab)? Or will only the heirloom that is physically mailed to the alt carry the enchant?
Or will the enchants be reset altogether?

If your get them out of your heirloom book they will have 0 enchants, to have enchants you need to send the enchanted ones over to that toon.

My bad its wrath of the lich king classic team not retail team. Of course everything would be more difficult.



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