Questing region advice

I’m about to hit 50 on my first classic character (nelf feral Druid who is a herb/alch nearly maxed lvl for both) and was curious on which 50 zone I should start questing in, looking at Un’goro, Felwood, burning steppes, or WPL, mostly looking for a region with good amounts of herbs and a enjoyable questing zone to go to.

I very much remember Un’Goro and WPL having a decent amount of herbs during the leveling experience.
That being said… It really depends on what your definition of ‘enjoyable questing’ is.
Un’goro was fine for me, but you likely still have people fighting over devilsaur skins day in and day out. WPL is very close to the UC, which will bright through a lot more thru traffic of Horde to keep an eye out for (not that such a thing is an issue).
Felwood had some semi decent herbs… But my memory of it wasn’t really the most enjoyable and the herbs were pretty scarce. Could have just been bad luck on my end though. Burning Steppes was always a nightmare for me, and there wasn’t a whole lot herb-wise for me to be all too excited about.

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Thanks! Def going to start in Un’goro then, always pref a forest to quest in then a wasteland imo!