Quest "Urgent Care" Not Appearing

Hello, I recently decided to unlock the race Mechagnome. I finished the achievement “The Mechagonian Threat” in BFA on my horde alt, so I logged on to my level 60 alliance character to find that the quest isn’t there. The Mechagnome flag says I completed the two requirements so I am not sure why it hasn’t appeared.

Have you unlocked Mechagon on your Alliance character? If not, you’ll want to speak with Gila Crosswires and pick up Fame Waits for Gnome One.

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I do not have Mechagon unlocked. I went to Boralus and she too has not appeared.

By she, you mean Gila? If so, I’m guessing you haven’t unlocked Nazjatar either.

Looking at your character it appears you are on Back out to Sea.

Once you complete A Tempered Blade, Gila should be available.