Quest: Let the trail go cold

Blizzard why can’t this be completed in Twisting Corridors like some of the other quests can be. I got Coldheart Insertia as the first 6 floors, dropped the boss and no quest item. I know I’ve completed quests in here before, not to mention gotten Legendary powers out of here that correspond to certain wings. Can this be fixed, or at least the thought process explained for clarity?

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If you think that it might be bugged (I’m not seeing any other posts on it or comments on WoWhead either suggesting it is), then you would want to detail it in the Bug Report Forums.

That would be a development question and not something that CS can answer for you. You’d want to reach out to the dev team via their Twitter account @warcraftdevs or you can suggest a change to the quest via the in-game suggestion feature or by posting in the Quests forum.


I’m not entirely certain, Andurh. I submit the question to see if we can find out more but given the hour I may not hear back until tomorrow. I’ll update the thread when I do.

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Bumping and adding a reply to track the thread. I’m currently stuck on this issue as well and can’t progress.

I guess my question is what other quests can be completed in Twisting Corridors that explicitly state it must be one of the other six wings? That’s the first I’ve heard of it.

Adding reply to track the thread. I’m currently stuck in this too since i don’t even have twisting corridors unlocked and this week torghast rotation doesn’t have any of the requireds by the quest. I don’t think this is how its supposed to be since like this i’ll be locked for another whole week to rescue thrall and will have to wait another week to start continue the questline.

That may actually be normal behavior, if game master responses from December are true about Torghast wing rotation being random rather than fixed.

It isn’t confirmed by devs that I’ve seen, so I’d suggest dropping a post in the Bug Report forums or in-game via the Support menu to see if it gains any traction.

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You don’t need the wing up to rescue Thrall, click the waypost at the bottom of the stairs.

Actually the quest Lest The Trail Go Cold is the quest before Thrall rescue quest that you mention. In this we have to loot an item from the last boss from the specific wings that aren’t on this week torghast.

Hey folks, just to provide a bit of an update.

Looks like our Devs are implementing a hotfix to address this and once live you should be able to complete it using Skoldus Halls, Fracture Chambers and Soul Forges too.

The quest test will need to be updated in a future patch.


Has this been pushed? Just attempted Fractured Corridors and nothing. If you’ve already cleared Layer 8, am I locked for the week?

Most likely not as I haven’t seen a patch download yet.

Hotfixes don’t require a patch or client update.

This one is still in testing, I’m keeping an eye on it so I’ll try to update the thread when I see that it has been made live.


Looks like it should be live.