Quest "Greymane's Gambit" is bugged: guns misfire, making it virtually impossible to complete

I have also had this bug, it has taken me 20 minutes to complete this quest. The projectile gets stuck on something when firing out of the gun unless you shoot it directly to the right. There is only a small group of gryphons that you can hit from this angle.

I am having the same issue. Spent almost an hour trying to finish by just shooting on the right corner which is the only location I was able to shoot the bats down and got 26. After a while no bats where going there so I could not finish. I am stuck on this quest. I tried abandoning and still nothing. I have a ticket opened now so hopefully this is fixed.


I had a druid with this problem. After I got as many as I could with the guns, I stood on the highest point on the ship and moonfired the mobs that got low enough. It still took some time, but I was able to finish.


Same here. Those cannons are not able to shoot above head. I could only do it in 23/30. I was stuck in shooting those freaking cannons for 2 hours and I still didn’t complete the mission. It is a serious bug. Now my main mission line can’t move forward at all. Can Blizzard do something? It’s wasting our players’s time now.


It is not just this quest. Any quest with a cannon like device has projectiles hitting a barrier directly in front of the cannon. Only by shooting to the extreme sides can you hit anything. The world quest in Swarm Defense (Kaithe Overlook) in Aredenweald has the same problem.


This is a problem.

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Can confirm, there seems to be an invisible barrier blocking 60% of the guns firing FOV, making this quest nearly unplayable since remaining targets wont fly into the only area the gun can hit.

Partial workaround: If you have a ranged attack, go to highest part of ship and every few moments some of the targets get close enough to engage them. Got a few that way, then went back to guns and noticed some more had returned to the area I could hit with the guns. Was able to complete the quest then. If they wont fly back into the area you can fire on then just stick to engaging them when they fly close to top most part of the airship. Annoying but allowed me to get past it.


Yep I agree! I was trying to fire the cannons and it was shooting the ship basically.

Bug makes me sad

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This is so frustrating… Blizzard please fix. :frowning:

Bug makes me sad please fix

It’s all quests that use a cannon or something like it.


Had the same issue on this quest and was only able to complete it was by tagging what got low enough for my 1 ranged attack. Took over 20 minutes…

Same issue here.
And its ridiculous because this is part of the questline thst unlocks void elves right? So if we can’t complete this quest. How the hell are people unlocking the void elf race?

I’ve been told that this bug has been In The game since it’s implement.
We pay you to play a game blizzard.
Fix your garbage

Having same problem, no ranged attack to use, cannot complete quest.

Can we get a blue post response here? This is still going on!

Can confirm these guns are hilariously buggy/ broken. Especially after the captain says how new and upgraded they are… What a joke! Please someone fix this.

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Took me 30 minutes to complete this quest, and only did so because of the comments on here suggesting standing at the top of the ship. There is no reason why the cannons aren’t fixed by now. It has been weeks, and it is ALL cannons.

I just spent an hour trying to do this and was ready to cry in frustration at being stuck at 20/30.
And yes, I noticed the same with the WQ in Ardenweald.

Had this issue with my paladin and I sent a ticket and a GM completed the quest for me. Now doing the legion questline on my horde alts and it’s still bugged. Sent another ticket last night hopefully this gets fixed seeing as it affects anything that requires you to shoot.