Que times, thank you BLIZZARD

Thank you Blizzard! we now have a wonderful que time of 30-40 minutes. You guys from blizzard love ruining servers dont you… ugh =-( our beloved netherwind is now toxic and with que times…

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Seriously… I often only get 40 min to play! We never had que times before. fix this or I’m done with WOW.


yea like what the hell
is it all the Alli xfers?

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I just started running into que times yesterday for the first time, now it seems everytime i log in theres one v.v RIP Neatherwind

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I get hour long queues. Then I close out wow and play another game. Play less and less each week. They ruined this sever. Thanks Blizz!

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And when you’re not in queue, you’re getting body camped by massive groups of ally just griefing people’s buffs, which would be fun every now and then if the server population was even, but it’s so ally dominated that this has turned into an ally only server. Super good time blizz, thanks for ruining another good server. Not about to pay even more money to xfer so probably just gonna drop the grind altogether and wait for BC. Was a good run bois.

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All these people crying about getting ganked, you rolled a pvp server what were you expecting lol. I still manage to farm herbs daily in felwood/azshara and I’m usually the one ganking alli. I also see horde constantly camping the alli FP in felwood as well. If you are farming during a high population time of day and not having success, try this groundbreaking strategy of farming at less populated times O_o. To all the people saying they are just going to quit instead of dealing with this, please do. Less queue times for the rest of us and won’t have to listen to all the whining anymore.

Lol I think there’s a biiiiit of a difference between world PvP/ganking, and literally 5 guilds worth of Alliance coordinating on a primarily Alliance populated server (was fine beginning of phase 4 before the free transfers) and littering the entire BRM hallway from entrance or BWL orb.

Like I said I have no problem with world PvP, especially at BRM where all the raiding happens, but the entire experience is ruined when you can’t even fight back because Blizzard doesn’t know how to monitor/manage faction/population balances. Not to mention I had already transferred to Netherwind from a high pop, misbalanced server in phase 1 to evade this exact issue, only for Blizzard to offer free transfers and run this server into the ground as well. It’s not an uncommon problem from both factions on a lot of servers, but it is what it is. That’s why I’m not personally attacking people on the opposite side, like you seem to be.

Please if you’re going to reply emotionally again, at least bring up some good points without dodging the main crux of the issue. The whole PvP server argument completely ignores the entire point, and the angst of a teenage boy doesn’t help the discussion much either.