<Quarantined> Mal'ganis LFM T/Th 8-11 EST 7/10H 10/10N

omg hi advurse. play rsham for me thanks

ty for the free bumps means alot

My apologies misread your post Ukahen was never an officer but a raider he is a officer in OUR guild where I can see the mishap

Misconstrued post on my end. Definitely was meant to mean our leadership core. Love yall though and thanks for the bumps <3

Looking for more Gamers!

to the top with this post

we are really out here

joe rogan podcast

to the top we go

still looking

looking fior moe

Bump <3<3<3,<#3

Looking for more

get back up there


Good folks based on my chat with them! Give em a listen.

Looking for more!

Holy Pally and other healers welcomed

raid time!

Heroic shriekyboy down!