QtcupcakeTV Mythic+ Community

Hey there my name is QtcupcakeTV located on Proudmoore and am building a M+ Community Roster of players who enjoy helping others succeed. If you are comfortable running M+15 Keys and higher and want to get your Weekly Keys done while helping Viewers and Friends we may be a good match. We also raid 10H & 8H on Tuesday 9 AM Pacific & Wednesday 8 PM Pacific to help Carriers improve, get gear, play alts, and have a good time.

About Me:
My name is Andy, Cupcake, or QT. I run M+ Community Keys to help people get Keys/KSM/Carries done on a regular basis 1 to 8 PM Pacific (generally we run stuff past the regular time as well to help people in-house). I have been running these M+ Dungeons every single day for over 900 days in a row, so if you are looking for a consistent home hopefully that shows the commitment. The core team also has all +20s timed, so in future we may assist fellow Carriers with that with the correct DPS levels and awareness.

We are looking for positive and friendly folks who are comfortable running M+15 Keys for players who may have little to no experience to help them get them learn, grow, and get better as well as get our weekly keys done.

We are primarily looking for HIGH DPS, but room for Heals & Tanks as well (inquire within)

Everything I do is done LIVE, so if that is an issue I apologize and we do use discord for communication, banter, and getting to know each other.

If interested please apply in the in-game community and feel free to post on this thread.

The REALID Associated with the Community Recruitment is Wildpants#1197592

The Community Link is located under: