QoL PvP LFG Proposal

Good afternoon Blizzard and Council!

[TLDR: Add a “Disregard” option to PvP LFGs for seeking players to remove irrelevant queues from our listings.]

I’m an “LFG Rat” most of the season when it comes to PvP. One of the biggest frustrations is having to scroll through multiple teams and queues who are looking for a specific composition in LFG to which I am not applicable. Many players in the LFG PvP system will specify if they are looking for a specific composition. (Example: Mage/Lock/Priest, Druid/Hunter/Healer, Demon Hunter/Death Knight/Healer, etc etc). When scrolling through all of these posts, it can be frustrating to constantly having to re-exam each posted group to determine whether or not they seek your specific class/spec. I propose Blizzard add an option to “disregard” a LFG group. It would act like a “report” in the sense that it will remove it from our queue, but without the repercussions or ignoring the players. It would help some of us “LFG Rats” when we’re scrolling through so many queued groups to simply “disregard” them and remove them from our LFG scrolling. The players queuing can always re-queue with a different description/title if they decide to seek another type of player/class/spec, so it would not bar them from being overlooked if they specify in the title/description from finding new players. It would also assist in us removing some of the mmr/cr teams in queue which we have no desire in queueing with (IE: A fresh alt will not be queueing into someone listed at 2.7k and vice-versa). I believe this would be a nice quality of life change for the PvP LFG system.

What are your thoughts?


Agree this would be a really great thing to add as another LFG rat. It would really help also if they could click the specs they wanted and it would be filtered towards your spec/class for you to see instead of the 12 groups looking for healers and the 5 groups looking for tanks as a Dps you would see which ones would actually take you. This could also work for some PvE stuff like keys and dungeons


Yes, Mornnah I agree and think what you’ve said would definitely be a quick easy fix. I think in the LFG they could and should separate players who’re gearing from players who’re pushing!

I think it would work for all parts of LFG, not just PvP.

If I see one more “4x4 Revendreth Farm” group I will scream.

Also, they need to make it so the LFG is separated by War Mode, or have a checkbox to hide the opposite War Mode setting groups.

Getting baited by a War Mode group for a rare I’ve been camping sucks when by the time I got to Stormwind, turned it on, and came back, the rare would be dead.