Q&A - Are currencies included within the warbands? Ex: Item upgrade crests

Here’s a question i would love to see some clarification on regarding the warbands, aka account wide everything.

Are currencies collected also going to be in this shared pool and available to use on other characters?

  • Honor
  • Upgrade Crests
  • Other expansion specific currencies?
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You probably want to re-post in the Official Q&A Submission thread pinned to General Discussion.

I believe I saw the phrase everything that won’t give player power. Going to go hunt for it now.

Edit: I can’t find it, but I know I saw it.

I’m somewhat ok with player power piece not being in there given the inclusion of warbound equip item just on the idea of somebody giga gearing a tank they never played and then starts depleting 10s not knowing the actual mechanics of their spec. But I would say the first 2 tiers (i.e. whelp and drake) should be available for warbands to help gear out alts.

Goal is to include currency and other shared progression if it makes sense as an account achievement versus an individual character’s achievement.

ya its that “makes sense” part thats concerning. I want a clarification on materials that are needed for gear upgrades. Crests and Honor are two good examples