PvP With The Blues – Friday 10:00 a.m. PST

PVP Islands were such a hit all this expansion that we needed a 10v10?

Sounds interesting to me, but with all the complaints about doing a single PVP island for Blood of the Enemy, this seems like an odd reaction to player feedback.


With the rework of deepwind gorge & the achievements going to legacy is the title of
“Gorgeous” being made unattainable?


I have a feeling that it being available with a queue, there will be a lot less complaints about it. Also, in a 10v10 format there’s a lot less riding on a single player to perform, allowing those who aren’t that great at PvP to still get a shot at the content.

Overall, to me at any rate, it makes sense. It still won’t make somebody who doesn’t like islands suddenly like them, but it opens up some options for those who just need to get one done.


Brawl is a good evergreen format for the leftover Island Expedition content to go. I like it.


Wow, I’m shocked to see this.

Do you guys think you could look into re-designing (or possibly removing) Temple Of Kotmogu as well?

Personally I think that BG is way worse then Deepwind with the mechanic of four people having to sign themselves up for guaranteed death in order to win.

Will we ever get clarification on if the gorgeous title is gone for good or if it’ll remain with the new meta?


Yes. The Gorgeous title will remain earnable.

In Visions of N’Zoth, we’re updating the Master of Deepwind Gorge achievement to require three achievements that can be earned in the new Deepwind Gorge.

Islands brawl sounds fun; I wish it had been available from the start of BFA.

That sux.
That title required a serious amount of hard work.
3 achieves vs 9???



any word on Strand of the Ancients coming back?

I was not able to find Chris Kaleiki to stomp on.

14/10 disappointed

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(posted on wrong character above)
Thegoddoggo haha were you the one yelling out on the last island battle looking for Chris?

The new Deepwind map was really awesome. It did feel slightly too large for the amount of players. Maybe 20v20 or 25v25? (40v40 could be interesting but probably too laggy)

Hardly anyone on today to test today. I managed to get in 1 BG and 1 island test, then just sat in queue. Sad that no one wants to test the new PVP stuff, but that’s BFA pvp for you I guess. PVP systems needs some major major help.

But there are achievements being moved to the Legacy section?
Which ones are those exactly?

I can guess the cart related achievements will no longer be possible to earn in 8.3, but can we get a quick official list?

I’ve heard some chatter about the Brawl being able to count towards PVP Island Expeditions. Was anyone able to see if the counter goes up if you win one of these brawls?

The new deepwind was awesome I loved every second of it. Definitely seems bigger then ab could just be in my head though. Never been a fan of the islands I did the brawl mostly just went for pvp at least its better then the pvp bot 1 I guess

New Deepwind looks great. I especially liked that the center market node has walls around it to provide chokepoints. One of the awkward parts of old map was that fights at the center were so spread out with people attacking from random directions.

Was kind of hard to get a feel for how the size and pacing will play out though given the extreme gear disparity on ptr. My druid was copied straight over from live, and was pretty much getting oneshot by people with more than twice my health thanks to 8.3 gear.

As for islands, I haven’t really done enough of the original islands to judge the base mechanics, but at first glance the mobs seemed way too squishy for 10 people.

Also, it was rather difficult to drop combat and stealth on my rogue. If anyone in my group was in combat, it felt like I had to run halfway across the planet and wait forever before it dropped. Is the instance using pve rules for leaving combat or something?

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why redesign this BG? its different from the rest why make it the same as AB?

Did you see it. It looks so good now. And it was a lot of fun. I like it a lot more than the original version.

I only got to play the brawl as Deepwind never popped (hearing great things) but from that one brawl. I really like the premise of it.

  • The game length was short - 30,000 Azerite meant that after one clash, the other team had almost secured victory. Either increasing the goal or decreasing earn rates would solve this.
  • Creatures felt squishy when vs 10 people - I think they could do with a health boost (50%), whilst keeping their damage the same.

  • Given how PvP Islands work (most groups tend to ignore the enemy and try to mine the fastest), and given this is a PvP brawl, should there be something to encourage people to engage?
    — Player kills are worth more azerite
    — Bounty system in this brawl? 1 player from each team is infused with azerite, granting them increased health, damage and healing. If they are slain they grant bonus azerite. Marked on map.


Can the satchel for the brawl award marks of honor as well as dubloons?

Does it say why this being changed? I like capturing the cart, doing so creates tension and motivates or distracts the enemy team to come and get you while your teammates can use the opportunity to get nodes. It was a fun mechanic because it interrupts the calm of a basic bg with an extra situation to have to consider and deal with. I’m sad about this change, would like to know more about the reason for changing it if anyone can point me to the place. Thanks.

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