(PVP) Why Furious throws?

Hiya, I’m newish to DH, and am tryna get comfortable with the playstyle through random BGs before i go into RSS and tank my rating. The class plays fast and fairly fluid which i like, but it seems at times im just out of fury doing nothing (this kinda downtime is obv brutal)

There have been several times when my Fodder to the Flame procs, and could potentially save me, i go to throw my glaive at the demon, only to find im out of fury. This happens far more often than i like.

I’m assuming I’m doing something wrong, seeing as ~80% of DH are running this talent seemingly not having this issue. So my question to you guys is A why is it run, and B if it is mandatory for pvp, what am i doing wrong?

Many thanks.

Soulrend is your highest damaging thing in pvp. Furious throws doubles it.


It’s your best spender when you’re not in meta form

I guess that would do it, I didnt really expect a 6 second dot to be one of my big damage dealers.

I also didnt realize that it would stack the dot instead of overlap it.

Try my build, I love it. One of the top ranked demon hunters shared it on YouTube. I almost always have fury and uptime with this build. It feels much better and I have quite a bit more single target DPS compared to the immo aura build.


I have been playing that same build and generally, it feels really good. It is pretty simple and feels very effective.

The one thing is that I occasionally get stuck not having fury at the very start of a fight. It feels like it could use a little something to get it going in addition to felblade.