PvP Vendors in 8.2 straw poll


Or “Typical Alliance.” And maybe someone saying how being Horde is superior, while others say there isn’t much of a difference between the two in terms of win rate.


Why ARE Tich players so nasty? They are on my shard and blarg they are so unpleasant.

Rocax made two ShredIron Shredders peerless maxed out. Pvp while I was leveling through consisted of pretty much one shotting everyone. Oh noes! World pvp twinks! :grin:


cough Overwatch cough


Oh I’m sure. I mean I know not everyone is the same on a server, but it’s just so hard not to see that. If I see Ragnaros or Azrelon in party chat, I know I’ll start seeing the word “noob” like it’s 2006.

“Some people suck” -Tom Segura


What? I remember the Shredders you could fly away with but I don’t understand what you said.

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Yeah your right but tbh I had more fun in wod then bfa



Oh that shredder, the crafted guns. I thought you meant:

It was notorious on ED as a lame-o’s escape toy. Hit a button and just instant fly away, escaping WPVP.

“Damn, I caught a WSB out in Tanaan but he shreddered”


Yeah, I can agree with that. I feel like the content felt more meaningful in WOD. Plus, I raided, and PvP was a lot of fun, which I did all of the time. I didn’t really level alts though because of the garrison.


The community was different. People were more willing to “make their own fun”, so to speak. I guess that was the last hurrah of that mentality as it ain’t happening now. Shame, as the end of WoD was hands down the most fun I’ve had in this game.


TBH from what I have seen most people are pointed to tich from social media sites (reddit/facebook groups) and twitch. I’m going to guess that might be part of it.

I hung around the first half of WoD but the whole twitter/selfiecam thing felt like too much an insult so I split. I was PVEing more back then. I wish I could get the titles from garrison still. There are not enough people to hunt around. :frowning:


Oh the Manslayer titles and so forth? That was a pain, even back then. I’m still thankful to a Goblin botter in Ashran who made that all possible for me.


Seems as good an explanation as any. Social septic tanks abound with turds.


Yes those. They are bringing ashran back but since it’s a BG it probably wont count for them. I will get that orcslayer title someday!

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Bump of the night.


I don’t know, it might. Wintergrasp achievements seem to work.


129 votes so far, 96% yes.


I can hope. I’ll farm it till the end of time if so.
I’ll have a reason to look forward to ashran. :smiley:


Manslayer Lasagna. 'Nuff said.


No, no, no. It needs to be Salty Lasagna. Just makes good sense. Manslayer Lasagna reminds me of Manwich…and I don’t know why, but it does. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


They just need to make the title ‘cheesy’