PvP Tuning - January 11, 2019


Elemental is half decent in PvP for once, and they get nerfed to the ground. Sounds familiar. I’m disgusted that we keep getting nerfed when we aren’t overpowered <.<


hardly into the ground.

(Kaivax) #87

The changes above were all taken live a few minutes ago.


And when are you nerfing everyone else big cooldown? Nerfing a 3 minute cooldown just lmao. Joke devs

(Dipi) #89

Are hpals on the radar at all? Their mana and hps seem a bit nutty


Um…rogues…they broke.
Work on broke crap first…Or do you work on the carburator tune while the gas pump is broke?


yeah an ad hominem attack… Nice… You are so respected now…lol

(Failedwizard) #96

Highest rated Moonkin, yet lowest brain cell count…

Is this who PvP is catered for? People with terrible comprehension skills who keep misrepresenting strangers and then flash an arena rank in someone’s face as if it’s an excuse to be horrible to others who aren’t as high ranked as they are because they were fortunate enough to have reliable people to queue with season after season after season just because they don’t like what the other person said.


This is proof that you blizzard dont know anything about the game. makes me feel so sad… you wanna know how to kill a game and lose millions of $$$? keep doing what you’re doing.

(Salah) #98

I am very appreciative of the notice of incoming changes, but is there really any reason to such short timing of the notices?

I’m not saying these changes are good or bad, this isn’t about that.

It just seems like we get a “heads up” only a day in advance, without the ability to give in any feedback on what is changing and what could still change…


Speaking of Immortal…


(Dipi) #100

Terrible terrible moonkin changes. Minus one class you’ll see qing at high rating already xd


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