PvP Tuning - January 11, 2019


highest rated fotm in 2s and 3s*

if the trait was ENTIRELY the sole problem, why not just use it with a destro lock then, since they inherently hit higher than starsurge with stacked grimsup? thats a big thonk

the outrageous statement is saying that a spec with half the representation of your own is op rofl - at this point, I just want to see all the people complaining hit top 100, hell, even top 200 - if its as op as people cry it to be, then surely that would be an easy accomplishment.


End of season 1 ruined. After how many years? How long have they have been doing this… yet still cant figure it out.


Pretty sure dipi has been 2700+ for a few years now…


FOTM tho right??

(Orphanchild) #67

People don’t realize arenamate is only useful after long periods of 0 or minimal change. Not a few weeks after major arena rattling changes.


alright, I’ll be back then when either…

  1. someone who is crying about destro manages to get top 200 with it
  2. a few months pass and we’ll see if destro manages to break 4% rep, like elemental and tab targetkin have.

(Dipi) #69

Locks were inviable for 95% of this xpac so of course its gonna take a moment for representation to go up, but that doesn’t mean destro isn’t a strong spec now. Why don’t you go get 2k for the first time instead of sh*t posting forums? lol


where on earth did I say they werent strong? they are strong - I laugh because you say OP rofl.

if destro is so OP, why dont you get top 200 with one instead of playing specs that can be utilized with 1 hand?

(Orphanchild) #71

Are you implying destro has buttons lmao


well, I consider conflagrate, immolate, incinerate, and chaosbolt (the damaging abilities) more buttons than just 1 button win lasso on less than a min CD compared to a 3 min gimmick, yes

(Orphanchild) #73

If you’re losing to lasso no one can help you


if you’re losing to 3 min gimmick CD that can easily be LOS’d or infernal killed in 5 globals due to its health, no one can help you

(Orphanchild) #75

This is who blizzard makes the game for now


thats a big YIKES considering just a few expacs ago elemental was flameshocking people and instant-casting up to glad, and during the same time that destro locks could double havoc coil > chaosbolt two people for 250k+ (half their health)

and that expansion (mop) was regarded as one of the better expacs for pvp, had higher participation in pvp, etc…

(Shamxd) #79

I dont generally like getting involved in “discussions” like these but… You sure are confident in your opinions for someone who’s best PvP achievement is 1550 in 2s.


im pretty confident in it because as it stands, statistics and the recent balancing changes back it up :slight_smile:


Funny, cause they do tweak PvE just like they did on Jan 7 hotfixes as well as prior dates.

You could just skim each days hotfixes here: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/news/22824893/hotfixes-january-7-2019

I know, that doesn’t fit the narrative though.

(Dose) #82

It’s an rng proc from an azerite trait as well that lets you just randomly global someone, don’t overexxagerate it, the nerf was needed.

(Therez) #83

Could ya’ll look at prot Paladins in Arena. Huge damage/huge healing/huge mitigation/error fixing

Other nerfs are great.

(Lesali) #84

Ele and Enhance wait 4 months for dial turning and two new talents that no one takes, but PvP adjustments just keep coming. You can say I’m biased but I also don’t care.