PvP Tuning - January 11, 2019


because nothing changed damage wise for destro from 8.0 to 8.1, and even then I dont really have to because the stats speak for themself - ele almost higher representation than locks as a whole :)))


I play at the 2k to 2200 mmr in arena as ele. I dont feel like these fixes will stop me from getting kills, I more sad that Enhance shamans are not viable in arena with the wimpy 10k heals and gimped dps compared to all the other melee’s like DKs and WW. Locks are in a good spot and they still die if they didnt have a mistweaver keeping them alive lol.


Regardless of statistics 70-90k chaosbolts are bad for the game.
If any class could single target hit that hard it would be bad for the game.


thats literally what I just said, if you scroll up - I think grimsup is a damn abomination that needs to be removed, and just up CB damage so it can hit more than 20k without CDs, and not hit for something obnoxious like over 80k+

I myself have seen CB hit as low as 15k (LOL) and as high as 116k, just from personal numbers.

EDIT: and while we’re at it, how about we just rework destro mastery, because theres absolutely nothing fun about your damage being randomly high, or randomly low - I want some consistency. I think destro mastery might actually be the worst in the game, and besides that, it is a balancing NIGHTMARE.


I’ve historically preferred enhance over ele, though patch 5.4 ele gameplay was fun (and hilarious) just flameshocking everyone then running around throwing instant meatballs at everyone every global.

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Thanks for attempting to fix your broken game. But, if I may, why are you bothering? I would probably hold off until 9.0 at this point.

(Dipi) #49

destro is overpowered now and will be even more overpowered with scaling and access to traits next patch. Chill


I dont think anyone is complaining with the moonkin fixes, since they get mini incarn and they clearly have enough dps to solo people.

mm hunters/enh shams/DH’s/sub rogues(to an extent) need help. they suffer too much in this caster meta and I think these fixes will help but not really solve the problem. No one should be forced to playing a certain spec in arena in order to be viable.

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Let me guess his response.

“Hahaha boomkin 6x more representation than destro!!!”


Coming from rank #37



boomkin fotm reroller complaing about destro, thats even more hilarious than elemental complaining about destro LMAO

l2p issue, boomkin has DOUBLE the representation of demo, oh and btw, boomkin also won blizzcon because they were globaling people with 2 INSTANT casts.

statistics arent really on your side here buddy - at least hit me up on an alt that isnt current fotm before trying to make outrageous statements.


Rank #37 check the board


of course, how else am I going to point out that people are being moronic complaining about a spec that overall performs worse than the spec the complaining player is using?


brb going to hop on my fire mage or sin rogue and get rank 1 world with 3 button rotation ezpz


I did mention fixing fire mage already. Like why should one kidney with combustion and meteor etc just one shot people? Pretty outrageous


uh, my point being is that theres 1 lock in top 100? if destro is as op as people say it is, I want to see it in action - climb into the top 100 bracket as destro, or any lock spec for that matter, and then I’ll eat my own words.

because as it stands… the ladder is flooded with mongoloid sin rogues, fire mages, tab target boomkins, etc… yet 1 lock.


This fix is no where from being complete. If your going to fix one or two or three then fix them all. Quit tinkering around with classes here and there. Fix it all. Simple point

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Not that it matters much, but I’ve been playing moonkin as main for years…

L2P issue? I’m the highest rated moonkin in 2s and 3s.

“globaling people with 2 instant casts at blizzcon” a trait was responsible for that and the trait was nerfed to dirt-- nobody complained about it getting nerfed.

You’re saying I make outrageous statements? wut

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Most players are sitting rating due to the changes to MMR and whatnot, your entire argument is only valid if people are still pushing rating.

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The top 100 is a confusing thing rn-- pretty much everyone minus 2-3 people in the top 100 have sat their rating since before 8.1. Can’t judge any classes performance in 8.1 from it. Why are you so desperately pulling out misinformation? llol