PvP Tuning - January 11, 2019


As usual you’re only halfway there.

Azerite traits need to leave pvp alone completely

You forgot to nerf Unhdk.
Zero buffs to resto druid, zero buffs to disc priest.
MM is dead.
Hybrids and dps self healing is too high (Dk/Ele/Prot paladin specifically, others need to be looked into)

I’d list more but you get the idea.


Awesome tuning. Nothing too tuned down. All three of these specs will still be completely viable just not broken. I think this was a huge step in the right direction. One small victory in a huge war Blizz keep it up.


I am kind of OK with the ele burst nerf but at the same time I dont feel like they have anything else.

IMO damage should be moved to none burst abilities. Lava Burst, Earthquake, chain lighting, Flame shock.

Ele is not currently even close to the top on meters atm for pvp. While that is not exactly a must in order to be good I think its kind of an issue.


monks needed the nerfs for sure, boomys and ele shams I dont really know. Demon Hunters and ENH shamans need to be reverted back to how they were, to compete in this caster meta. Wars could probably be reverted back to pre-8.1 as well. Death Knights and Wind walkers are in a perfect spot right now, and revert all the healers back to pre-8.1 except the monks and the meta would be a total blast. I think priests are hurting the most and mages are in a really odd spot atm. rogues/hunters seem ok.


LMAO an elemental shaman complaining about destro - thats a classic, especially considering even after multiple ele nerfs, it STILL has higher representation than destro - and to answer your question? no. git gud.

before any lock buffs went out, locks, as a class, had 3% arena representation, which was 2nd worst (DKs 1st place). if you cant play around destro only doing damage every 3 minutes, then your team got outplayed, or your team has a l2p issue. oh and demon armor needs to stay, because it was completely unacceptable for locks to die in a wall from 100-0.

I actually laugh when I read complaints about destro because nothing about them changed from 8.0 to 8.1 except that they got 10% stamina and demon armor, but I guess babies want to throw a fit because they cant die through unending resolve anymore.


they’re necessary until you buff destro base damage, yes.

I dont agree with the 80k+ chaosbolts, and tbh I want to see the abomination that is GrimSup (the talent that increases chaosbolt damage by 8% per shard) just get scrapped, and then buff baseline CB damage so its not a gimmick 3 min CD spec, while also fun to play without CDs, while also not 1 shotting people.


I wish I could show you the disgusting 145k dmg I took in 2 chaos bolts and I couldn’t move. 65k one the first one and 80k on the second.


you dont have to show me because I’ve personally done it - thats why I said to get rid of grimsup and adjust CB damage baseline so destro isnt a 3 min gimmick spec

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Terrible post of the day award goes to


Blizzard doesn’t care anyways. Or this list would be longer.


salty FOTM reroller post of the day award goes to

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I played ele and only ele since launch are you braindead or just saying shet for no reason now?

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  • Stormbringer increases Lightning Bolt damage by 115% when engaged in combat with enemy players (was 125%).

Stormkeeper, Blizzard… It’s called Stormkeeper…


of course they dont -

sub got trashed, demo isnt good for pvp, holy priest is a greater heal gimmick, and SV got changed into a mongoloid melee spec - destro is all I’ve got left after playing the previously mentioned specs for 6-11+ years (sub and demo being my picks for most of those years)

EDIT: idk how I forgot resto druid (my main healing spec for ages now) but they’re currently in the gutter compared to other healers in pvp.


ok, let me adjust me reclarify then:

“salty FOTM post of the day award goes to”

there lol

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Defending a spec that blows Its 3 minute wall as an aura mastery because it’s immortal.


Why specifically is demo bad? I mean it feels kind of the same with the 3m kind of thing and your damage can be kitted but it doesnt feel down right bad.

Honestly wondering here.


defending a spec that had only 1 player playing the spec (scrap that, 1 player using the CLASS) in top 100 in 3v3 ladder until 8.1, yes.

your tears rejuvenate me - seeing you so bothered that a class cant die 100-0 through a 40% wall anymore brings me great pleasure.

and just a friendly reminder, that despite your crying, ele still has more representation than destro - in fact, your spec almost has more representation than locks as a whole :))))

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Why do you keep talking pre-8.1 as if that is relevant?


turret spec - its damage may be fine, but not only do you have to stand still for longer periods of time to do damage than destro, but you also lack as many CC as destro - the only real thing that demo has over destro is a healing reduction via felguard cleave, and also axe toss. the 3 min CD can be CC’d as well, because its an AI, and that makes it even more susceptible to LOS because AI casters dont do well when it comes to running around pillars.