Pvp tuning hotfixes

(Kitanana) #1

From the classs and stuff forums



Sounds like a good first cut. We’ll see whether that’s enough to fully balance mistweavers in arenas.


Elemental got nerfed.

(Jdpp) #4

Monks will still be strong with monk bubble every 40 seconds or whatever it is. On my monk I felt like it was ridiculous how much I could spam surging mist on a target and never oom. Hopefully it fixes that at least.

(Nawat) #5

Pretty good fixes honestly. Pretty tempered which I like. How it got to live as is pre nerfs was ridiculous. Also how these took so long, pretty ridiculous.

Yea surging mist will still be really good. They have great honor talents though so it may not be mandatory now…

Short bubble is okay. It’s not a wall like iron bark so it’s actually kinda easy to kill through I find.

I’m okay with a of them being strong, just tired of them being god tier.

(Fatfreddy) #6

I’m just sick of seeing so many mw teams.

They can heal through so much burst it’s just ridiculous.

(Nawat) #7

Aye agreed… Hopefully this helps. I’m glad they’re not gutting the spec though. It’s more fun for everyone when there are options.

What annoys me is this got to live and then it took them this long to fix. Pretty dumb.