PvP Tuning - February 5


We’re currently working on some hotfixes for PvP tuning, intended to go live with the next weekly restarts. We’re planning the following changes:


  • Protection
    • Light of the Protector and Hand of the Protector’s healing reduced by 40% when engaged in combat with enemy players.
    • Mana regeneration reduced by 30% when engaged in combat with enemy players.
    • Developers’ Note: With the launch of 8.1, the additional healing granted by Hand of the Protector was changed to be based off of the target’s missing health, rather than the Paladin’s missing health. While healing is a core element of Protection Paladin survivability, this has proven to be more effective in PvP than intended. Protection Paladins should feel like they can survive high amounts of damage, and heal their teammates in a pinch, but not provide consistent and sustained healing to their teammates throughout a match.


  • The absorb provided by Diamond-Laced Refracting Prism is now cleared at the start of an Arena or Battleground, and considered a Magic effect for dispels.
  • Bwonsamdi’s Bargain can no longer prevent death while participating in Arenas or Rated Battlegrounds.

Prot Paladin Nerfed
Rip protpally pvp
(Bertimus) #2

Can you please put scatter shot on disorient dr instead of incap?

You guys took a lot of cc away from marksman and no amount of reasonable damage tweaking will fix the spec in pvp. Scatter on disorient helps the hunter set up his own traps, but also eats two entire dr trees, which cuts down on too long of a theoretical cc chain.


They are just doing inform about changes, not asking to customers for changes that would want.


Theres another tank in arena now that is very oppressive and constantly mitigates damage all game for their team that has been untouched for a very long time called a protection warrior :slight_smile:


Necro trinket next pls.



Also I’m sure many of us would like counterplay to be added to fury warriors so that 2s isn’t absolute aids.


Return some spells to class toolkits pls, also…
-buff afflock
-make survival hunter trap not 8 seconds long , this crap is nearly unavoidable due to harpoon
-increase greater fade cd for spriest
-increase ret paladin mobility, nerf damage a bit
-increase disc and hpala healing throughput, don’t make us rely on crits so much (side note, increase mana cost or reduce mana regen for hpala, it’s sorta ridic I’m in 30% dampening or higher with 90% mana)
-fix necrotic strike so that 3 globals doesn’t put a 60k absorb on someone on top of the maledict trinket
-remove maledict
-adjust % based abilities to flat numbers, increase by primary stat and mastery or critical strike damage
-reduce ALL tank healing and damage

Any comments or suggestions feel free to add to this or dispute it.

Much love from the salamander

Prot Paladin Nerfed

Protection Paladins should feel like they can survive high amounts of damage

Why should they feel like that, exactly? You moved all their mitigation to armor, which is useless against 2/3rds of the game’s specializations, and their only saving grace was their healing.

And yeah, that healing was overpowered, but there’s nothing there to compensate it now. Prot paladins shouldn’t feel like they can “survive high amounts of damage” because they can’t.

If you want prot paladins to be unviable in PVP, okay, but don’t lie about how they’re totally still good. Just be straight and say that you don’t want people playing prot in PVP.

(Zinj) #10

No doubt. Why nerf Light of the Protector? Fine, you don’t want them team healing, nerfing Hand of the Protector does that but Light of the protector nerf makes them heal less than Ret and considering armor is near worthless in pvp and tank specs take more damage than others, they’re suddenly not really “tanky” at all

Just tunnel the pvp game design into RMP and be done with it. E-Sport your butts off with the cooklie cutter formula.


What a lie. If you didn’t want to reduce their tankiness, you would leave Light of the Protector untouched and nerf only Hand of the Protector.

Just say you don’t want any other tank except Prot Warrior in arena.


Remember guys, only Blood DK’s are allowed to be immortal. Paladins must be brought down.


this is BS… I mean… if you don’t want tanks to do PvP, why not just say it?
sick of this game catering to people who just want a spamfest arena style battle game as opposed to what this game really is… and that’s an MMO…

(Reptarstrike) #14

If this is true why are you nerfing Light of the Protector as well? It is the self target only version that has a higher, 17sec cooldown. Is there a plan to add an honor talent that buff’s Light of the Protector and reducing its cd too to compensate, and maybe taking the place of Guardian of the Forgotten Queen? Because guess what, if you leave that talent in place you are still going to have completely invincible prot/ret 3s teams dumpstering 2k+ healers.

I understand the nerf to Hand of Protector in relation to 2s arena, but your 40% nerf to Light of the Protector makes no sense in the context of any PVP situation, especially not given how much massive and near-spammable self-healing is out there these days, and not just in the hands of hybrids either.


Blizz to scurry . “we are coming to you deary .you just wait”

(Magnificent) #17

CDew to Devs: “Wahh prot pallies!”

Devs to CDew: “We got you fam”

(Hermajesty) #18

how about not allowing protection pally in pvp combat?
You reduce this huge amount of healing during pvp combat, how can any protection pally survive the world pvp and the arena? So your intention is to prevent a tank to do pvp?
An unholy dk can heal more than pally tank while doing more damage.
Protection pally are mean to run away when facing enemy players?
I smell 7.3 already, more damage taken for all tanks, less damage received from tanks for all dps, and instant kill every tanks if you are rogues.


oh don’t forget unholy dk, they are more immortal than some tank and can heal themselves much much more .

(Demo) #21

This is absolutely an unnecessary change, especially nerfing their own self healing and claiming it’s because they can heal others. I feel like you just listened to the people saying that they don’t want protection paladins in arenas and ignored the statistics of the entire thing outright.

Stop using excuses from A to nerf B.

(Worldpvp) #22

I like these rated pvp changes for tanks but for the love of god can we get Nimble Brew talent to work in pvp and rated pvp as it Still after 886 days does not last in anyones inventory after trading it and now constantly bugs out after being mind controlled.

I have been reporting this bug every 3 months since legion began and it still has not gotten fixed.

(Yagarr) #23

Why are you nerfing Prot Paladin self-healing by 40% if the issue is their ability to heal a teammate?

This is going to crush the viability of Prot Paladin in Battlegrounds as flag carriers. (And to my knowledge, that wasn’t an issue.) They already can’t use BOP or Divine Shield while carrying a flag. Tanks already have virtually no magic damage resistance (despite that being the most common damage type in PvP) and Prot’s only rotational defensives are an armor bonus and L/HotP.

I understand the need to balance 3s so people aren’t running comps with effectively two healers. But do you really have to destroy Prot Paladin self-healing?

I’m fine with fixing mistakes like their off-healing, but this is too heavy handed. It’s like Tanks are only ever viable thanks to oversights and y’all won’t commit to designing them with Arena/RBGs in mind.