PvP Testing Through August 9

In the Wrath Classic Beta, we’ve recently disabled all Matchmaking restrictions, to facilitate finding faster games. This change is for the Beta only.

Please be reminded that the current Beta test arena Season will end on August 9. Please log in, play games, and help us test rewards, with our great thanks.

See you in the Arena!

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Semi related, since it’s still a pvp question, but any info regarding plans for Strand of the Ancients? Specifically Southern GY being detrimental to the attacking team and the ability to jump off (or be tricked into jumping off) of the boats while they are miles off shore?

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Any idea why abilities such as Hunter Deterrence still not working? Or gamebreaking bugs such as the DK sigil…


Deterrence doesn’t work. Sigil still 111% haste. I’m not going to queue into that. Fix the massive bugs first, no one wants to play the current state.


Why are resists and heartbeat still in the game? Why is pet AI worse than its already terrible state in TBC?


Please fix resist and heartbeat in pvp, these features from tbc and vanilla are still on wotlk beta when they are not supposed to exist, very important bug


sigil is working as intended shhh :wink:

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WTB Human racial nerf so its not 99% ally when trying to que

WTB Orc/Troll racial nerf so i can parse 100s


when fresh?


Are people actually playing Human only on the Beta? Are they mentally stunted? What trinkets are they even using? LOL

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It really doesn’t matter until tier 9 trinkets before then are meh and before warmane players flame me yes tier 9 deaths verdict x2 is the breaking point where human gets insanely better

Would be nice if I had gotten a beta invite to do any of this testing…

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yea love leveling and world pvp no invite

brb lemme get a stream going so i get invited

Yeah that’s why I’m so confused. Why would anyone be rolling Human on the beta? The trinkets we have access to are god awful normal dungeon blues.

Stick to something good like nelf.

I’m just surprised with the 111% haste sigil bug, Orcs aren’t dropping that fat 111% hasted gargoyle with the extra pet damage racial for even more gargoyle damage.

One did to me, I didnt know about it till then.
Had to ask him why he was doing so much damage.