PVP Tanks and Increased Damage Taken

Can the increased damage received by all tanks be dialed back? Or alternatively, can the offensive output of tanks be increased?

Guardian Druids have been the only tank worth anything in PVP because of a busted Legendary and a mastery and overall kit that lends itself well to organized PVP.

A couple of people started to see some success with Prot Paladin early on in SL but were promptly swatted down with the nerf bat and are receiving some pretty heavy nerfs leading into DF.

No other tank spec has been remotely competitive. Because of the current meta of kills being accomplished through hard control into obscene burst damage, the increased damage intake leaves most tank specs in a worse defensive state than many healers and even some dps because they’re afforded no time to make use of active mitigation. Meanwhile their offensive output has received no bonus to compensate for the loss of durability.

When was the last time Brewmaster Monk wasn’t the worst spec in every facet of PVP? When was the last time Prot Warrior was considered competitive? When was the last time Blood DK was good for anything besides pulling a healer across the map with a busted Legendary?

The increased damage taken by tanks is far too high and cannot be justified with no compensation to offensive output. Additionally, each spec plays drastically different from one another and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. A blanket nerf across the board can not be effective when the specs are so different. What may be needed for one has proven to be oppressive for the rest. Please do the work and address each tank spec individually.


I’d be 100% on board with this if tanks were limited to RBGs only. Tanks in arena are memes and generally just toxic. Tanks have zero place in an arena setting.


Ive had to watch 3v3 arena tournaments of prot pallies being the healer for their team. Tanks should be relegated to flag carrying in wsg and nothing more.

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Theres bearly any tanks on the ladders in arena, why do people constantly whine about them when its so easy to counter. Like honestly, get good situation.


General consensus seems to be that it just makes matches boring because it drags them out, not so much that it’s hard.

But to that I say: Blizz should rework the tuning on tank specs to be viable and fun in pvp because some just want to have fun on their main.


So do healers, but everybody wants them. So does pillar-humping, but everybody does it. Such a strange contradiction.

DPS should be relegated to only attacking flag carriers in WSG and nothing more. Sounds reasonable, right?

Okay? Why is this worse than watching Holy Priest or Resto Shaman be the healer for a team? Did the Prot Paladins win the tournaments? And if they had, why would that be so terrible when they were played skillfully and effectively?

So many players complain about tanks on their team because they claim they’re useless, but as soon as they prove to be useful you guys break out the pitchforks and torches and start demanding nerfs.


I like to play tanks in pvp personally, but I agree with your counterpoints too. Anything that takes away from outplay potential and engagement in pvp is objectively bad for the meta. They nuke all our dps abilities in pvp already, so they could tone down healing a bit from healers if they really wanted to.

As far as “removing” tanks goes, that’s just cope and whining that does nothing constructive. I would like to see tanks have a place in the meta as much as healers do


get rid of tanks in pvp altogether.

In my 10+ years playing wow. The most fun I’ve ever had in pvp was playing a Blood DK in Cataclysm.

I will say I understood other players frustrations because it was extremely hard to kill a Blood DK in a 1v1 situation, but that’s the whole point? Survivability became more fun to me than bursting people down in 10 seconds.

I always hear people complaining about the fights being too long, but why don’t we ban vanish from Arena for Rogues? (I don’t want to ban Vanish, just making a point) Vanish makes fights last way too long if a Rogue really wants to be toxic. There are so many ways a Rogue in general can make a fight last infinite amount of time. Completely nerfing the survivability of a spec and rendering it useless in Pvp should never be the answer. If Blizzard feels the majority of players think Tanks are “Too Tanky” in Pvp then at least reprogram the spec in Pvp to take 40% more damage in pvp but also increasing damage done by 25% or something. (Hypothetical numbers of course)

I genuinely enjoy almost every Tank Spec in the game and wish for some type of middle ground in Dragonflight to be met and allow people like myself who value survivability over damage to still have fun without pissing everyone off.


Tanks in RBGs is completely fine. But that’s the only place where they should be in a rated environment.

They make the game completely unfun to play. Any tank with half a brain is almost never the kill target depending on comp. Playing a melee comp and see a BrM? Can’t kill him. Blood dk as Wizards? Nah. Bear/ProtPal as literally anything? Nope.

They don’t die, while giving their team stupid types of utility/survivability as a non healer.

Bears and ProtPals however, can definitely function as healers.

Bears are running around doing crazy high damage during RF/Incarn with CC immunity. NF ProtPals immune their WW/Rogue/Dk/Etc right out of the gate and give them Summer, then watch them one shot. ProtPal also had Shield of the Righteous one shots, Ashen one shots, Vanq Hammer one shots, all while having infinite heals and team wide utility/survival tools. Blood dks can pump out 20k+ Death Strikes while not dying and gripping you 30 times. ProtWarrs can hit you for 30k+ Shield Slams, and right now their top comp in 2s at least is running with an UnhDK and neither of them die because Prot gives the DK insane damage mit.

BrM and VDH are the only two that aren’t gross. And even VDH had a one shot earlier in the xpac. Overall though, as said before, tanks just make the game unfun for any team they play into. Anyone who pushes rating will tell you the same thing. They know a game will either drag into next year, or they’re about to get cheesed when they see a tank.

Anectodal Evidence - 20% of the games @ around 2200-2300 mmr had Prot Paladin, Arms or Fury and X healer (mostly disc). Started seeing a lot of Prot + healer in 3s now recently. More than Ret/War.

The amount of Saves the entire team has is disgusting. And Prot Paladins heal for 2/3 rd their healer does and do decent dmg during goes.

Gonna have to hard disagree with your brewmaster comment. You absolutely can and should focus the brewmaster down in pvp right now.

In live they are one of if not THE squishiest of all tanks in the game currently. 100% require a healer to keep themselves up as their self heals are worse than trash in live.

Two dps on a brew master “should” be able kill it with little to no effort at all. Especially if you’re doing magic damage.

But I’m sure no one will miss guardian druid reign of terror in rare pvp that has lasted for over six years now. Beta is looking great for all other tanks atm.

But yes to the OP, tanks should have some of the percentage damage intake adjust in rated. Damage is too high across the board anyway.