PvP talents in PvE - Conflict & Strife Essence has serious balance issues


Literally. Balance druids get an amazing +crit buff to the entire raid, cementing their spot as a mainstay in progression content. Meanwhile, Rets and Rogues get completely utility based skills with minimal raid usefulness and absolutely NO dps gain whatsoever.

Out of all of the amazing Ret PvP skills, you choose… 30% speed increase from Hand of Freedom? And then, every. single. rogue. spec. gets Smoke Bomb. ROFL! Well done lads.

What is going on in your class design department Blizzard? Is it really that difficult to figure out that when you introduce DPS increasing abilities/mechanics into some classes and not others, you’re going to exacerbate the class imbalance?

If you can’t make the idea work, then there is no shame in scrapping the idea altogether. Especially when it just digs the class imbalance hole even deeper.

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As long as they’re within 40 yards (which they very well should be), it is indeed raid wide.

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8 targets, 1 of which is the druid themselves. Pretty sure you can’t make a raid with 8 people, much less a raid for relevant content.

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Indeed, the class design department has a serious problem. Necrotic strike is useless to pve, who was the genius that made it? Why the hell cant WE pick them?

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That’s actually a design problem because it will force Balance and Feral Druids to remain stuck using this essence for the rest of the expansion. I’d rather just scrap the PvP Essence for allowing you to choose an additional talent from the PvE talent tree, like Legion’s legendary that gave you Soul of the Forest free.


Great job Blizzard, clearly those poor Rogues were desperately lacking in utility compared to other classes right?

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Rogues dont want to use this essence anyway. Also rogues are amongst the best ST dps classes in 8.2 if not the best.


rogues are still required in M+, nothing is changing that

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On the ptr…lol.

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zero sympathy for rogues tbh