PVP Scaling + another tier's ilvl

(Reptarstrike) #1

Has anyone tested PVP/Duelling between toons equipped with the new max ilvl and ~300+ilvl? I would like to know if the scaling algorithm has been adjusted at all or if the power gap is going to continue to grow.

On live, after recently leveling some alts, I dont think they adjusted it at all for 8.1, but I dont know how much of that has to do with the ilvl floor (items below a certain ilvl do not benefit from scaling), scaling between the 8.1 extremes (<300-400+), and scoreboards and meters not reflecting actual damage/healing anymore.

If we go through another patch with no change to the algorithm then the gap between new/returning players/alts and max ilvl players might turn out to be an unexpected problem.