Pvp = ruined

I’d like to thank the folks at blizzard for completely botching pvp this expansion and further botching it in the upcoming 8.3 patch. You took what people loved for years and years and years and completely made everything a confused cluster fluff of a battle. Not only that, you are forcing PVE , mythic + on pvp players. You ruined what we love, you make us do something we don’t like , what is next blizzard? I mean you can just delete pvp at this point we are well aware you could care less about it.


Corruptforged gear for PVP is going to be a disaster. I don’t understand how this passed the drawing board stage of game design. Legit what happened? :woman_facepalming: :man_facepalming:


Truly don’t understand either.

RNG factor as-well…( we have heard your complaints about wf/tf RNG so we have replaced it with even more RNG! )…

Maybe theres a open bar at blizz hq?


wait… the corrupted gear RNG is active in arenas and bg’s as well???


Same way all of the rest of their bad ideas get off the drawing board. Lack of talent, glut of hubris. Dash of derision for customers.


To be fair, it was pretty bad in Legion, too, so BfA shouldn’t shoulder all the blame. Blizz really needs to reverse course with their current pvp philosophy, unless their intent is to kill off pvp entirely.


There isn’t 100% certainty because we do not know until patch day. But we must operate on the assumption that it is a possibility if nothing changes.

Presumably all sources of gear drops in patch 8.3 will have a chance to become corrupted gear.

Blizz isn’t communicating that well so we must be patient and see what happens when patch 8.3 goes live in a week or so.


Yeah as much as I think PvP needs a bit of a shake up, if the corrupted gear becomes active in Rated PvP that’s going to be dynamite in the salt mine level of nonsense.


I think the current pvp philosophy is to make pvp into a loot piñata for mythic raiders, so they can get free stuff with little effort.


It sure feels that way but PVP requires a large pool of players to function. Mythic raiders is too small of a group to cater toward.

Not sure what they think corrupt forged gear will add to PVP in general. Plus, asking PVP players to travel to cleanse gear for every PVP gear drop potentially or using corrupted momentos (eg PVE activity) seems wrong.

My feeling is that there was the thought that mythic raiders, being the best players, could easily be enticed into PvP and thus help build up the esports franchise. Not sure how well that’s working out.


Blizzard: Quest Complete!


Things like this have no place in rated pvp. Tank trinkets and this are terrible for the game

An’zig Vra: Your autoattacks bite into the target’s soul, dealing 2% of your health in damage and healing you for that amount.


My eyes sting just reading this.

It was the mass pruning they did in Legion. Far too many critical utility attacks and interesting concepts were removed from classes. I think you as a Warlock understand that better than any class though. When Meta was removed from Demo I was very confused. And remember when Windwalker’s healing spell was made to heal like 1% of your HP?


Legion had templates and most people hated them due to the fact that they couldn’t do anything but stack ilvl. That, and WPvP was pretty bad due to some legendary/trinket combos.

That said, classes were so much more fun in Legion that it almost made up for the pointless gearing system. I really miss playing my Brewmaster in PvP for Legion compared to BfA.


Honestly after all the grinding I’ve done in BFA, my memory of Legion is so faded. I hard-swapped from PvP to PvE towards the second half because I found Mythic Keystones to be so incredibly fun to do. I still ran Battlegrounds and dueled in Durotar though. I think toward the end of the expansion I mained Windwalker. Oh the artifact one-shotting I did.

Now though, it feels like even more was trimmed off of the classes because we lost several talents in place of diluted versions of artifact abilities, there is no satisfying loot system, and just about everything in this expansion is mind-numbing grinding in even more mind-numbingly boring content zones.

I have to give it to Legion. The content was extremely lively given the theme of the expansion. I loved doing the invasions and the portal assaults. And music, openness, and visuals of the zones made it so satisfying to be in them. Now we just have a rundown troll slum, a rundown gnome slum, a generic harbor, and the bottom of a lake. With our villains being a pointlessly over-powered MM hunter and a sea witch.


Not to mention mongo cleaves and destro locks with pve gear


Ah it seems the dev team is more concerned about pet battles than pvp being that they made a post / posted in a pet battle thread.

The players who have been playing pvp for 10+ years apprechiate that very much thank you blizzard.


If they plan on forcing 100% corrupted gear on weekly PVP chests all hell will break loose.

The backlash to this patch is going to be greater than patch 7.3.5 IMVHO.


signey please you have no idea what good pvp is if it slapped u in the face with all of ur challenger pvp experience