PvP Rank Pools Hotfix Coming October 13

None in classic cause I knew it would suck the joy out of the game for me.

I did in vanilla and it did suck the joy out of me while I did it back then. But teenage me was more tolerant of that.

so u have no idea what ur talkin about . got it


No I actually understand how the system itself works number wise. There are plenty of rankers that dont understand the math of ranking.

They are not mutually exclusive.

but u have 0 experience ranking in classic and what its actually like, you played on some backwater vanilla server and are coming telling us your opinion. u have no place in the convo


Ranking in classic should suck as much as did in vanilla.

The system hasn’t changed except an exploit they removed this week.
I’m sorry the player community makes pvp ranking miserable, but it is their fault. GO back to retail if you want well developed pvp systems.

But those are skill based, so that’s probably why your hear cause you think r14 means talent.

the level of players, caps, etc, u never had that in vanilla, u had people that didnt know how to attack someone if they walked behind them

unless u world pvpd, stayed up 48+ hours in av meta to combat breakers, or even just take part in current ranking, u have no place in the convo.


6 days a week 20 hours a week for that 1 r14 slot in Vanilla absolutely happened on alot of realms. And they did it for months. Classic is a joke comparatively.

classic is a joke? no u posting here with a char lookin like that is a joke

Lol this is my 4th 60 and it hit it like a week and a half ago.

I use to pvp for fun, and I don’t raid on it currently.

My rogue and my warrior raid.

idk why you’re acting like its the same game avs end in an hr almost every bg is premades in discord there’s guides to every boss and class it’s a completely different game than vanilla doesn’t mean it’s not currently better, and that there’s improvements that can be made overall.

ya none of these rankers need to hear anything u have to say lmfao idk where u got in ur head ur opinion is needed, go raid log and buy boosts for ur 5th 60

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Its cute you think I boosted. I didn’t. My Warrior and rogue were pre-phase 2.

My Paladin and My mage I grinded.








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This is also all player driven by the community. Yes it is different but most of it is player agency. The base pvp system has not changed. Only the players made it different.

Blizzard retaliating because we begged them to ban the bots. Now they’ve come up with a new model to get their subscriber numbers high. Shadiest hotfix of all time in the history of WoW. Disgusting blizzard.

You can still pool boost with this hotfix, it will just cost a lot more money. If they really wanted to fix the problem, they would require players to be level 10 to be counted towards the honor pool. Peace out, unsubscribing and playing final fantasy


Bad change.
Careless enough to skip an elegant solution.
Day late, dollar short.


Following further review, we’ve decided to wait to address this issue. The change announced for this week will not be implemented.

We’ll let you know as soon as we’ve developed a solution to the issue of non-existent characters being counted, that conforms with the great deal of feedback we’ve received.